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Black Hills LLC now in charge of Mobridge healthcare facility

Last week a South Dakota judge ordered that 19 healthcare facilities in the state, including the Mobridge Care and Rehabilitation Center, be put under receivership.
On Tuesday, May 1, Judge Patricia DeVaney ordered that the operations of facilities under the management of Skyline Healthcare, be taken over by Black Hills LLC.
Black Hills LLC took over possession of the properties and the care of the residents through a court-ordered receivership. Wanda Prince, a registered nurse with 25 years of experience working in and with nursing home facilities, is president of the LLC.
The state will monitor the receivership to ensure the residents are receiving the care they need and that bills are getting paid. DeVaney ordered Black Hills LLC, to file financial reports with the state.
The court actions are a result of failed management of the facilities by Skyline Healthcare, a New Jersey based company. Some of the facilities in South Dakota were under the management of Black Hills Healthcare, a subsidiary of Skyline.
Skyline has had trouble in other Midwestern states this spring. In February and March, facilities in Kansas and Nebraska were put under a receivership. Pennsylvania facilities were taken over at the same time as the South Dakota facilities.
Skyline did not pay bills for the facilities and on April 26, the company notified the South Dakota Department of Health officials they no longer had sufficient funds for the day-to-day needs of the residents.
Black Hills LLC takes care of the operation and will see that residents get the care services they require, such as medication and therapy and the daily needs such as food and clean facilities.
Derrick Haskins, of the South Dakota State Department of Health, said Tuesday that the state continues the normal health and safety oversight that they currently have in place. That includes the normal inspection process.

Black Hills statements
Following the story printed in the Wednesday, May 2, edition of the Mobridge Tribune and the Tribune Website and Facebook page, the following statements were sent to the editor on Wednesday afternoon.
The first statement is a press release that was issued by Black Hills Receiver, LLC with additional details on the receivership of 19 facilities in South Dakota that were formerly operated by Skyline Healthcare.
“On Monday, April 30, the property owners of 18 skilled nursing facilities and one assisted living facility in South Dakota, which were operated by Skyline Healthcare (also known as Cottonwood Healthcare), filed a legal action in the Hughes County Circuit Court to appoint a Receiver for the operations of the facilities.  On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, the Court appointed Black Hills Receiver, LLC as the Receiver.
The South Dakota Department of Health filed a motion in support of the legal action to appoint the Receiver.  The Receiver will work with the state of South Dakota and skilled nursing facility leaders with the singular goal of continuity of care for the patients.
The President for Black Hills Receiver, LLC is Wanda Prince, a registered nurse, who has more than 25 years of experience providing clinical and operational support to nursing facility operators, as well as knowledge and expertise relating to the regulatory and federal guidelines that are in place to serve the residents, staff and families of skilled nursing facilities.  Wanda has provided support to other South Dakota skilled nursing facilities in the past.  She is gathering a team of experienced leaders to assist with the Receiver’s efforts.”
Kelli Luneborg-Stern , a spokesperson for Black Hills, LLC, also released a statement concerning the receivership.
“As the receiver of the 19 South Dakota facilities formerly operated by Skyline Healthcare, Black Hills LLC is committed to supporting the facilities as they work to stabilize the operations. We are moving quickly as a team with the local leaders and clinicians at each facility to help those leaders focus on the health and safety of the residents and support the needs of the staff. It is our goal to keep the facility operations stable so that the focus can remain on the care of the patients.”
In operation since 2008, Skyline took over operations of 110 nursing homes in six states from 2015 to 2017, mostly taking over Golden Living Centers.
The Tribune will continue to follow this story and update information when it is available.
– Katie Zerr –