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Boll tells commission respect is missing

In an abbreviated meeting, the Walworth County Commissioners heard sheriff Josh Boll tell them it is time for better communication.
After a discussion on a bill that commissioners did not approve at the last meeting, Commissioner Scott Schilling asked Boll why the phone system was put in when Boll’s department was over their set budget. He said he felt that the commission should be informed of this kind of bill especially when the department is over budget.
Boll explained he had trouble with the system and it needed to be repaired. He said the work was done in May and the bill was just sent to him.
Commissioner Dave Siemon said there was money left from an alcohol grant that could be used to pay the bill.
Auditor Becky Krein told Siemon that money had been spent. She said those funds were spent on the three law enforcement budgets. Siemon said they received three payments and asked what was spent.
Krein explained that the state’s attorney’s budget is $211,325; the jail budget is $822,600; and a sheriff’s budget is $847,900. The funds received through the grant was $22,478.
“It has already been spent,”she told Siemon.
The bill $1,972 for the phone system was approved.
Boll told the commissioners he felt like every meeting the sheriff’s office and jail are under the gun most of the time. Boll said commissioners seem to want to micro-manage those two departments. He said there are many unforeseen costs that he has to deal with that have impacted his budget.
Schilling told Boll that the bottom line is all departments have budgets and they should stick to it. He said that is not micro-managing, he just wants an explanation why departments are over budget.
Boll told the commission things have been like a nightmare. He said is seems his departments are getting badgered all of the time. He has new employees and wants to keep them.
Boll asked the commissioners not to sandbag him at meetings, as he won’t have the answers they want. He asked that they talk to all department heads and talk to them before the meetings rather than bring it up at public meetings.
“We have to treat each other with respect, but that is gone,” he said. “We are at each other all the time. I absolutely hate it.”
Boll said the manner in which they treat each other in the public’s eye is unprofessional. He implored the commissioners to talk to the department heads if there is a problem rather than wait until the meetings.
Boll said it would help with the morale of the county employees.
In other business the Walworth County Commission:
• Approved adding new sheriff’s office secretary Regina Kopriva to the sheriff’s trust account as a signer.
• Approved allowing the chairman to sign an agreement for $6,000 with Clark Engineering of Aberdeen for civil engineering services related to the courthouse roof replacement program.
• Heard Walworth County assistance Ryan Badten report that the Department of Transportation has agreed to allow the county to tie into their storm sewer near the courthouse as long the flow of water is metered so that it doesn’t overwhelm the system. He said the decision helps the county as now they can move forward with the roof project. Badten said he would like to get the project underway and finished before years’ end.
• Declared two parcels of land in Mobridge as surplus, clearing the tax sale of the property on Wednesday, Oct. 4 at the courthouse in Selby.
– Katie Zerr –