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Brandner suing Walworth County

A woman serving a prison sentence for setting her business on fire is suing Walworth County,Sheriff Josh Boll and Walworth County jailors after she suffered a stroke while in their custody.
According to court documents, Lori Brandner alleges jail staff failed to adequately care for her despite knowing she had a history of strokes and required medical monitoring. Brandner suffered a stroke while in the Walworth County Jail in March 2016. She was hospitalized for more than two weeks.
According to court documents Brandner is suing Walworth County, claiming workers at the jail violated her civil rights. Her lawyer has filed a complaint in federal court.
Court documents show that Brandner, who has a history of strokes, claims jail employees didn’t follow her doctor’s directions and let her medication run out.
The lawsuit claims that Brandner needs to be monitored and take prescription medication for a bleeding disorder and jail employees failed to do so.
The court papers state that for several days before her stroke, she was forced to go without a prescription anticoagulant after jailers failed to inform her ahead of time that she was running out of the medication. On March 13, 2016, Brandner claims she suffered a stroke and was accused of faking the problem by jail staff. An ambulance was summoned and Brandner claims a Walworth County Jail employee forcibly told her to stand up and walk right.
After Brandner was released from the hospital, she claims the jail staff continued to deny her medication, denied her visitors, and took her walking cane away, according to court documents.
Brandner and three co-defendants were convicted of setting fire to the Roadhouse Bar and Grill in Herreid in January 2015. She submitted a claim to her insurance for the damage to the business.
Brander is currently serving a four-year sentence the South Dakota Women’s Prison in Pierre for conspiracy to commit arson.
– Katie Zerr –