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Care center doors close on Jan. 31

Thursday, Jan. 31, will be the last day of operations for the Mobridge Care and Rehabilitation Center.
The center, owned by Golden Living Centers, LLC, has been part of the community since 1968. At one time, it housed a specialized Alzheimer’s Unit and at one time had a 125-bed capacity.
At the time of the closure announcement, it was home to more than 70 residents and a staff of near 70.
The center was one of two senior care facilities owned by Golden Living Centers marked for closure in late 2017.
According to Doug Daudelin, vice-president of operations for Golden Living Centers, the Mobridge facility will end operations on Jan. 31.
Daudelin said all of the residents have been placed at other facilities, but he did not know what the corporation planned to do with the building.
According to family members who had residents in the facility, the staff have made sure that transition for the residents went smoothly. Each of the residents was placed in a facility that is the best fit for that resident and their families.
There are still a few residents at the facility and staff working there.
The staff has been asked not to speak to the press, but we will continue covering this issue in the coming weeks.

Black Hills Receiver, LLC, announced on Wednesday, Nov. 14, in efforts to stabilize nursing facilities where “imminent risks to the care and safety of the residents” had been reported earlier this year, it would be closing the care facilities in Mobridge and Madison.
The receivership stated in its announcement that 19 nursing facilities in South Dakota were “operating at a significant and unsustainable loss,” according to court documents. That is a combined loss of approximately $7.7 million. By closing the two with the most significant losses, Mobridge and Madison, the receiver is hoping to maintain operations in other facilities.
The receiver reported excessive operating costs, 80 percent of the population utilizing Medicaid, and lack of adequate funding as the reasons the Mobridge facility was averaging more than $51,000 loss per month since it went into receivership in May of 2018.
The court filings claimed that there was no viable way to maintain this facility without jeopardizing the company’s ability to operate the rest of their facilities in the state of South Dakota.

The Mobridge facility was opened in September of 1968 as a 71-bed facility and was known as the Mobridge Care Center.
In 1978, a 56-bed addition was added, bringing the total capacity to 127 beds and it became a state certified facility.
The care center has also been a part of Beverly Healthcare, a subsidiary of Beverly Enterprises, which sold it to Golden Living, LLC. It was then sold to a New Jersey company, Skyline Enterprises, that assumed management responsibilities for all Golden Living facilities in South Dakota as of Jan. 1, 2017.
On May 1, 2018, nineteen South Dakota healthcare facilities formerly operated by Skyline Healthcare affiliates were placed in receivership with Black Hills Receiver, LLC, in an effort to stabilize their operations.
– Katie Zerr