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‘Cars for Cops’ has multiple benefits

The Mobridge Police Department recently launched a new program in hopes of helping to clean-up the community and raise funds for people in need.
According to Mobridge Police Chief Shawn Madison, the MPD recently implemented the program to help rid the community of old vehicles and help to build a fund that allows the department to aid people in the community.
The “Cars for Cops” program allows residents to donate vehicles to the MPD, which in turn has the vehicles crushed for scrap metal and uses that money for the Mobridge Police Positive Fund. That fund allows officers, who come across people in need in their daily duties, to offer help to those people.
“The donations are a tool for our officers to help people in our community who are in need,” said Madison. “For example we have used that fund to buy medicine for children, diapers, food or gas for people so they can get to doctor’s appointments. There have been times when circumstances have called for us to get a hotel room for women and children who are fleeing a domestic situation.”
Here is how the program works: owners of lien free vehicles whether they are working or not, can donate the vehicles to the MPD. If the owner has the title to the vehicle, they can donate the vehicle. If there is not a title for the vehicle, it can still be donated. There will be additional steps taken before the vehicle will viable for donation. It is still an easy process according to Madison.
In a partnership between J&M One Stop, Gene’s Auto and the MPD, the vehicles will be towed without charge to Gene’s Auto where they will crush them and sell them for scrap metal.
The money from the sale goes back to the MPD and into the Police Positive Fund.
This program has many benefits for both the owner of the vehicle and the community. Those donating the vehicle receive a taxable donation receipt from the MPD and the department can in turn give temporary assistance to those who need it.
“We are working to help other people in the community also,” said Madison. “We are currently working on setting up a program for people in our community who need help in cleaning up their property.”
The MPD is working in conjunction with other businesses in the community to be able to assist those who need help with property clean up, whether because of the cost or they cannot do the work themselves.
Madison, and Special Agent Al Bohle are working with members of the community to get properties cleaned up.
“We are determined, through this program, to help make our community clean and beautiful,” said Madison. “We would also encourage people to be good neighbors. If they have an elderly neighbor who can’t do the work themselves, we want people to lend them a helping hand.”
So far, five vehicle have been donated to the program. The MPD is accepting most cars, trucks, vans, trailers, boats, motorcycles and RVs, subject to approval.
To donate or for further information contact Madison or Bohle at (605) 845-5000.
– Katie Zerr –