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City council approves ordinance first reading, change orders

The Mobridge City Council held a special meeting Friday, Aug. 25, for the first reading of the new ordinance concerning building permits and dealing with change orders for a street project.
The new building permit ordnance allows Ordinance and Zoning Officer Cindy Rische to sign or reject permits that come through her office. If a permit request is rejected, the person applying for the permit can appeal to the city council.
The new ordinance will eliminate any delays that have occurred while residents waited for approval by the city council.
The council approved two change orders in connection to the 10th Avenue West and 12th Street project.
Those included an increase of $27,922 for redesign of a ramp, which complies with the American with Disabilities Act, going from the street to the parking lot at Mobridge Regional Hospital and Clinics. The administration requested the ramp run north and south rather than east and west.
The second change order includes the agreements for cost share for curb and gutter with the Mobridge-Pollock School District and several residents in the project area.
That change order is for $35,744.
Todd Goldsmith of Goldsmith and Heck Engineering said the increase in project costs are more than likely eligible to be included in the grant funding.
Those change orders were approved pending approval of the South Dakota Department of Transportation.
The Goldsmith change order also requested an increase in the limit of the original agreement with the firm and the city for the project.
The original “not to exceed” limit was $24,850. With the change orders to the project, there have been additional engineering fees and Goldsmith asked that the “not to exceed” limit be increased to $34,450.
The council approved all three change orders.