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City makes changes to animal ordinances

In a move to be able to have more control over animals being allowed to run loose in the city, The Mobridge City Council Monday, Sept. 10, put more “bite” into the city’s pet ordinance.
Those changes include establishing a late fee for those dog owners that do not have their pets licensed by Feb. 1, each year. That fee will be set by the city council through a resolution.
The second change is that if a dog owner or the person in possession of that dog is notified that the animal (dog or cat) has been deemed vicious by authorities and the owners do not comply with the requirements of that notice, the police are authorized to seize that animal. If the animal is found running loose or in the yard of the possessor, police or an agent of the city, may be empowered to kill the animal without impoundment.
If the animal is involved in an unprovoked attack on another animal or a person, that animal will be impounded and quarantined. If the animal is unable to be captured, the law enforcement officer is authorized to kill it to prevent any other danger to the community. If an animal attacks another animal or a person, it can be ordered, by the discretion of the chief of police to be euthanized or to be moved outside of the city limits. No animal that has been deemed vicious can be kept with in the city limits.
The last change is that if an unlicensed animal is impounded and it is has not been spade or neutered, the animal will not be released to the owner until the procedure is done and paid for by the owner of that animal.

Airport changes
In order to be in compliance of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the city council made changes to the ordinance pertaining to the city’s hangar lease.
Individuals who own a hangar but the lease the land on which it sits from the city will be expected to allow the hangar to be inspected by the city.
Tyler Hearnen, airport manage told the council that the airport committee recommended higher rental fees for the city-owned hangars based on the size of the plane.
There will also be a landing fee enforced for commercial airplanes using the airport. If those planes do not purchase a certain amount of fuel at the airport, a fee will be applied.
This does not pertain to any emergency services aircraft.

Fall clean up
The city will once again sponsor a fall clean up on Friday, Oct. 19 and Saturday, Oct. 20.
Ordinance Officer Cindy Rische is organizing the event, which will offer the “Neighbors in Need” program again. This program offers 10 elderly or other residents unable to haul out furniture or white goods a chance to have those items removed by the city and volunteers during the clean up. Any one wishing to have items picked up should call Rische by Wednesday, Oct. 17, to schedule a pick up.
Household goods will hauled on Friday and yard waste hauled on Saturday.
The Walworth County landfill will accept loads at no fee during the two-day clean up.

In other business the Mobridge City Council:
• Heard A. H. Brown Library Director Karla Bieber report donations from the Barbra Nolop Fund will be used to replace the windows in the library office with shatter resistant glass. The Library Foundation will also release the funding to finish the parking area and sidewalks behind the library.
Bieber also announced that through a donation and the State Library Federal Fund, an IPad would be purchased of internal use to help employees and to train library users how to use new technology.
Bieber also told the council the funding from the Barbra Nolop Fund will be used to purchase a micro film and micro fish reader and printer to aid residents in research of old papers and documents stored at the library.
• Approved a step increase for Mobridge Police Officer Ashton Norder from $21.17 per hour to 21.43 per hour effective Sept. 3 and an increase for Water Department employee Boyd Naasz from $21.95 to $22.20 per hour effective Aug. 6.
• Approved setting the fees for services provided by the city water department through resolution. This does not include standard water usage fees.
• Tabled approval of Ordinance 969, the 2019 Appropriation Ordinance until the finance committee can review proposals by two insurance representatives concerning the city employee insurance plans. The council will hold a special meeting to approve that ordinance later this month after a decision on the insurance is made.
– Katie Zerr –