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Co-worker a donor match for Yellow Boy

This past May, Tony Yellow Boy received news that he was waiting for: after four years, he had finally found a match for a kidney transplant.
Prior to April, Yellow Boy, a social services aide at Aberdeen Area Youth Treatment Center, had been on dialysis for over four years.
Having two failing kidneys was tough on Yellow Boy and he couldn’t work at full strength. Yellow Boy was sick and exhausted and he couldn’t work most days.
Since dialysis causes such bad cramps, Yellow Boy missed two consecutive days of work in April.
On the day he returned, he was in the “control room,” when his co-worker, Courtney Nicholson, a substance abuse counselor, asked him what was wrong.
Yellow Boy explained his situation to the Texas native, Nicholson, who asked him what he needed. Yellow Boy’s response was simple: a kidney. Nicholson fired back with an even simpler response: ‘okay, I’ll give you one.’
Yellow Boy told Nicholson to quit joking around, but she wasn’t kidding.
The two went back to Nicholson’s office where Yellow Boy gave her the contact information she would need.
Nicholson made the call the same day and set up her testing appointments at Mobridge and Bismarck facilities.
It took about two weeks for Yellow Boy or Nicholson to hear back if she was a match.
“I wasn’t going to jump up and down or scream about getting a new kidney yet,” Yellow Boy said. “I had a feeling that she wouldn’t be a match.”
However, it turns out that Nicholson was a match.
“When I found out she was a match,” Yellow Boy said. “It really shook me up.”
Once it was discovered that the two together made a match, that’s when the ball started to roll.
Even though they were both matches, the tests were only getting started.
They had to undergo x-ray tests, stress tests, teeth tests and vision tests. In order to donate, you have to be in good health.
Since going on dialysis, Yellow Boy has led a restrictive lifestyle. He couldn’t eat some of his favorite foods, which he says are acidic foods like orange juice. Yellow Boy was also unable to travel due to his dialysis treatments.
Yellow Boy will still have to follow some of the dietary and lifestyle restrictions for as long as a year since the kidney will need adequate time to adjust to the new body.
The scheduled transplant is to take place on August 28 in Bismarck and Yellow Boy will need five to six days to recover from the surgery. Also, Yellow Boy will need to stay close to the hospital, just in case any complications arise. Since this, the Yellow Boy family will be selling items at Arts in the Park and according to Michele Yellow Boy; she is planning to set up a GoFundMe account in order to raise funds for the hotel rooms that will be required for surgery.
During Arts in the Park, there will be an opportunity for people to donate to the funds for Tony Yellow Boy. There will be an Indian Taco bake sale going on by friends and family of the Yellow Boy’s. The funds raised during the bake sale at Arts in the Park will go towards the necessary lodging. They are planning to sell a large number of tacos at the event during the weekend.