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Commission will consider fee reductions for clean-up projects

Walworth County Commissioners approved the 2020 provisional budget and approved a reduction in tipping fees for not-for-profit clean-up efforts at their Tuesday, Aug. 6 meeting.
Before any business could be addressed, Linda Beaman and Carolyn Schmidt addressed the board in the public forum.
Beaman told the board she wanted to clarify several issues about statements she made to the board at several prior meetings.
“I have been accused of making false statements,” she said. “I have documents to back up the statements I have been making, Instead of debating them the board has just said they are not true and to just move on. I don’t appreciate it being said that my statements were not true.”
She asked the board to discuss the issues rather than just to move on. She also stated that as a taxpayer, it is her right to question the commission’s decisions.
Beaman also questioned the process of how they came to their decisions, referring to a prior decision about salaries that they appeared to oppose with a decision about a part-time employee’s salary during the last meeting.
None of the commissioners commented on the points she made.
Schmidt also addressed the board concerning statements made at an earlier meeting that they seemed to forget during the hiring of the landfill supervisor. Again, none of the commissioners chose to discuss the matter.

Tipping fees
Pat Thorstenson of the Mobridge Rodeo Association (MRA) asked the board to consider a reduced rate for tipping fees at the landfill for a clean-up project on land owned by four MRA members.
He told the board there are several buildings, none in very good shape, those members purchased several years ago. It is their intention to tear down the structures and renovate the landscape as the renovation of the Mobridge Rodeo Grounds is completed before next summer. He said the group has no intention to make a profit on the land, only to clean up the area.
Thorstenson asked for some kind of reduction in the landfill tipping for the project.
Commissioner Kevin Holgard said he was in favor of the reduction in the fees but wanted the commission to consider extending the lower fees for clean- up projects that were also not for profit.
He said the board should approve all reduced fees before any dumping occurred and that property owners must appear before the commission to ask for approval of the reduced fees.

Other members of the commission were in favor of the reduced fees but Jim Houck asked if there should be a limit to the amount of tonnage allowed at the reduced rate.
It was agreed upon that the commission will decide each request individually.

Jail discussion
Walworth County Sheriff Josh Boll reported he had negotiated a deal with the U.S. Marshal’s Office to house prisoners at a $97 a day rate. He said through back and forth negotiation it was decided that the sheriff’s office would provide transportation to medical appointments for the marshal’s prisoners with the $97 a day rate.
The new rate will go into effect on Oct. 1.
The discussion then turned to repairs on the current building and how to budget for those repairs. Repairs will be made to the roof this year, perhaps in September, according to Boll.
Other majors repairs will be decided upon when the decision has been made about what will be done with the current jail building or if the new building project is approved by the commission in the near future.