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Council allows dog ruled vicious to stay in town

(Editor’s note: A special meeting of the Mobridge City Council will be held today, (Wednesday, Sept. 20) to re-address the issue of the vicious dog incident.)
The Mobridge City Council allowed a dog that attacked and killed another dog with in the city limits, to stay with its family, overriding a vicious dog ordinance.
Mobridge Police Chief Shawn Madison reported to the council that on Sunday, Aug. 27, a resident was walking her dog at a Fourth Avenue East and 12 Street location when another dog came out of a yard, attacking the smaller dog. Madison said the smaller dog was taken to Oahe Veterinary Clinic, but did not survive the attack.
The larger dog was taken to the veterinary clinic and put into quarantine for a 10-day period as per city ordinance. That 10 days is up and the dog can be released to the owners.
He told the council according to the ordinance, the larger dog is now considered vicious and according to the ordinance, must be taken outside of the city limits.
“Unless permitted by the city council, no vicious animal shall be returned to reside in the city or within the one mile of the city limits,” Mobridge City Attorney Rick Cain told the council. “The owners have 48 hour to retrieve the dog and get it outside of the city. If they do not do this with in the 48 hours, the dog will be euthanized.”
He said the council’s decision is to allow the dog to stay within the city limits or to have it moved out of the city limits and keep it out.
The owner of the larger dog, Corrine Atkins, spoke to the council about the incident and her dog, Sadie.
“My dog is a very good girl. I have two young children and another dog. My children adore her,” she said. “This was a terrible accident and I feel absolutely terrible.”
She cried as she spoke about the incident as she just found out at the meeting that the other dog had died.
She explained that Sadie had been raised on a ranch and hunted prairie dogs and rabbits. Adkins explained that she was sure her dog had mistaken the small white dog for a rabbit when it attacked the animal. She said there has not been any indication that her dog was vicious in any way.
She told the council that she would guarantee that nothing like this would ever happen again. She said she has purchased a trolley and a muzzle for the dog and would ensure the dog would be muzzled and never be off leash.
“This is just a crazy thing that happened,” she said. “I would just really appreciate if she could come home. I am a very responsible pet owner.”
Adkins said she had offered to pay for the vet bills and had been in contact with the other dog owner with whom she had exchanged phone numbers after the attack.
Ward II Councilman, Gene Cox, said in his opinion, the dog should go.
“This is not the fact that I don’t want to take your word for it, but you are speaking in an absolute,” he told Adkins. “So if it does happen again, now we have two pet owners who got affected by your dog.”
He said if the dog was out of the area, the possibility of this happening again was zero.
Adkins asked the council to please let her have a second chance with her dog, knowing that the dog has been deemed vicious and that the dog would be taken away if it was found to be outside without the required restraints. The dog will be put down if Adkins does not abide by the restrictions.
Ward II Councilman Tony Yellow Boy said he was a dog owner willing to stick his neck out and made a motion to allow the dog to stay, under the conditions that had been laid out.

The council voted four to one, with Cox voting against the motion allowing the dog to stay in town.

Fire hall roof
A bid to repair a leaking roof at the Mobridge Fire Hall was much higher than expected as the one bidder, Twin City Roofing, LLC, bid $58,141 for the repairs and labor and another $18,854 to install a new fully adhered roof and installation system over the remaining metal roof on the building.
Cox told the council the bid was way over what was expected and recommended that they reject the bid and delay it until spring.
Ward III Councilman Randy Carlson asked, if they rejected the bid, how the firefighters would protect their equipment from the rain and snow that leaks on the side of the fire hall with the leaking roof. He said he thought they should get the project underway as soon as they could.
Yellow Boy suggested the city rebid the project to be done as soon as possible and then also bid it for the spring.
The council approved rebidding the project with both deadlines attached to see what their options will be.

Ward III cleanup
Carlson announced that he would again spearhead a fall clean up in his ward. He has the equipment and the volunteers to help residents in Ward III clean up tree branches, furniture, and appliances.
“This is something I want to do to help clean up my ward and to help the people who live there,” he told the council.
Carlson would like residents in Ward III to call him at 848-1100 before Saturday, Oct. 7 to schedule a pick up or to call Mobridge City Administrator Christine Goldsmith at 845-3555.

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