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Council approves list of volunteers

The Mobridge City Council, Tuesday, Jan. 15, approved a list of volunteers who stepped forward to volunteer for the Mobridge Volunteer Fire Department. The list included several members of the former fire fighters who wished to remain on the fire department.
As the meeting came to order, three of the fire fighters who were members of the team that was not approved at the Jan. 8 meeting, walked into the council chamber. Mayor Gene Cox asked if they wanted their names added to the list. All three said yes. The council unanimously approved adding Doug DeLaRoi, Justin Wiest and Kelly Silbernagel to the list for approval.
Other names on the list included James Bieber, Brent Wiederholt, Ryan Ries, who were also members of the fire department. Others on the list of 24 are Brian Dunn, Brandon Carlson, Randy Carlson, Josten Enderson, Ted Ford, Christine Goldsmith, Todd Goldsmith, Davis Guggloz, Kyle Johnson, Joshua Keller, Jeffrey Landreaux, Darold Mad Bear, Taylor Oster, Jacquelyn Rawstern, Curtis Riechert, Kasey Roesler, Taige Schilling, and Chris Zeller.
After the list was approved, councilman Tony Yellow Boy asked the members to get together soon to elect officers and get “things taken care of.”
Mayor Gene Cox said city administrator Christine Goldsmith would make an effort to contact everyone on the list and set up a meeting as soon as possible. He said they were hoping as soon as Thursday.
He said the South Dakota State Fire Marshall Paul Merriman would be in Mobridge on Monday, Jan. 21, to review the list and approve it.
“We have some people on this list who are experienced, some guys on the list who are grassland fire fighters, some have other experience,” said Cox. “Some are not certified, they just volunteered.”
He went on to say there were people on the list who would probably not be active firefighters but could get equipment to a scene to aid in fighting a fire. He said they had other special skills that the department could utilize.

Councilman Curtis Reichert asked what would happen in the near future if something would happen within the community. Cox asked those with experience on the list who were present at the meeting if they were willing to be on a page list and would be able to man an engine if needed. They said they would.
Selby Fire Chief Curt Rawstern was also present at the meeting. He told the council all but one of firefighters on his roster were certified and had specialty experience. He voiced concern about all the names on the presented list that had no experience.
According to an agreement made last week, Glenham, Selby and Timber Lake fire chiefs met with city officials and said their departments would answer the call if paged for an emergency. Rawstern said his firefighters would answer all calls on the east side of the U.S. Highway 12 Bridge. The Timber Lake and McLaughlin Fire Departments would be West River departments paged for that area.
Rawstern said his firefighters would use their own equipment and would also be able to use Mobridge equipment that was on scene.
Rawstern said he expected certification for the new firefighters would be at least three months out.
The council approved the list as amended and presented and the meeting was adjourned.
– Katie Zerr –