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Council approves project changes

The Mobridge City Council, in a special meeting held Tuesday, Aug. 20, approved several change orders for the Mobridge Regional Airport project.
Todd Goldsmith of KLJ Engineering told the council it would be best to complete both additions to the project during this time and it would be covered with grant funding.
The first was a $3,610 change order to tie into existing edge drains around the turn arounds to aid in water drainage in these areas. This change has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Goldsmith told the council the cost would be 100 percent covered by the existing grant funding and would be at no cost to the city. He said over the long-term it was a well invested part of the project as it will prolong the life of the turn arounds by draining more water away from the asphalt.
The council approved the change orders.
The second is a $6,152 change that would create an unobstructed view of the lights that line the runway, that give pilots a clearly marked landing zone on the runway.
As it stands now, several trees on private property, at certain angles, obstruct the pappy (red and green) lights along the runway. The funding would be used to purchased baffles that fit the lights and divert the beam so that it is visible to pilots at all angles. This option was not yet approved by the FAA but is in compliance to the agency’s regulations for the lights.
Goldsmith said this is the least expensive of three alternative, the other two being digging up and re-setting the pappy lights in the obstructed area or negotiating with the owners of the property on which the obstructing trees are located. The city would then have to top those trees or remove them.
Goldsmith said the cost came in a bit higher than he thought it should and he is negotiating that cost. Part of the cost would be covered by grant funding, with about $300 as a cost to the city.