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Crazy Days, Arts in the Park to attract shoppers this weekend

This weekend in Mobridge is sure to be a busy one with a fishing tournament, Arts in the Park, Crazy Days and a demolition derby.
On Crazy Days local businesses offer good deals at their stores, well below normal prices.
“There will be some of the best prices that these stores will have all year,” Mobridge Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, Dana Soto said.
The fifth annual Arts in the Park will be taking place at the Mobridge City Park on August 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Vendors will set up at a 12-by-12 space and sell their products to customers. If needed, vendors can set up more tables by bringing their own or renting one.
The Mobridge Garden Club will be hosting a flower vegetable show at their table during the Arts in the Park event.
There will be a variety of different vendors selling things from mittens and stocking hats to custom knives, photos of cars, jewelry, paintings and funnel cakes.
More food will be provided at the park, including an Indian Taco stand.
Most of the vendors this year are local, with some tables coming from residents of Pollock and Linton, North Dakota.
While there are tables that haven’t been taken, there are only a few remaining spots that have electrical capabilities according to Soto.
“We’re hoping for a big crowd,” Soto said in a phone interview.
There will also be a Saturday market at the Klein Museum from 8 a.m. to noon.