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Darrel Smith: Gun owners subject to hostile actions

Two massive shootings have recently occurred in America using so-called “assault” rifles. Even proposed laws wouldn’t have stopped the Las Vegas shooter and government carelessness allowed the church shooter to buy his gun. This will probably increase the 374 rifle deaths recorded in 2016.
A nearby National Rifle Association (NRA) trainer grabbed his “assault” rifle and disabled the church shooter which is fortunate because most mass shootings last about five minutes and police often arrive in about eleven minutes.
We know what happens when “assault” rifles aren’t sold because they were banned from 1994 to 2004. Studies about the effectiveness of this ban were “mixed.” A study author said, “[T]he ban did not appear to effect gun violence during the time it was in effect.”
Some suggest that we impose mandatory background checks for all gun transfers. This would mean that all people attempting to receive a gun would have to be evaluated. All gun owners and a description of all the guns that they own would have to be officially registered and a penalty would have to be imposed on any transfer without a background check. Millions of gun owners would consider this a hostile action.
If we are going to invade people’s privacy, evaluate them, and register them and their belongings, maybe we should include other areas of public concern.
About 13,000 people die from HIV annually, which is the most vicious of over fifteen different sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). There are about 110 million people with STDs and 20 million new infections every year costing about 16 billion dollars. Perhaps, everyone should have a STD checkup and then inform their partner if they have an STD. To track and control this, you should be penalized for every intimacy outside of your primary partner that you don’t register.
While you’re getting your STD exam, you might as well have a drug test also. About 22 million Americans use illegal drugs and about 71,000 people die from drug overdoses. Once we reduce these to the amount of Americans killed by rifles we could focus on the 75,000 Americans killed by alcohol and the 480,000 deaths caused by smoking.
If we’re really interested in saving lives, we should stop killing more than 900,000 unique human lives by toxic salt baths or being ripped apart piece by piece by abortion each year for a total of between 50 to 60 million deaths