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Darrel Smith: Hollywood rewrites history, morality

Just like laws express values, entertainment expresses some type of culture. What culture is expressed by modern entertainment and how is that culture expressed?
Andrew Klavan is an author and screenwriter. He was a Jewish liberal before he became agnostic and then a conservative Christian. He explains how the media promotes leftism in a searchable speech, “Andrew Klavan: How Hollywood Pushes the Leftist Agenda.”
John F. Kennedy was staunchly anti-communist. Cuba’s Fidel Castro knew JFK was contemplating assassinating him. JFK was killed by a Marxist who had defected to the USSR, married a Russian wife, and visited a Cuban embassy before assassinating JFK. The excellent movie “JFK” challenges this story and implicates right-wing capitalists. After 911 and during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, multiple money-losing movies were produced castigating our troops and justifying Muslims.
Just as art is rewriting our history, even more importantly they’re rewriting moral reality. This is how Klavan characterizes movies: If Republicans appear in movies, they’re bigots. Christians are small minded and hateful. Housewives are desperate. Never stay home and raise your children, you’ll only become desperate. Businessmen are corrupt. Soldiers are murderers and patriots are cruel. Sexual promiscuity has no consequences and marriage is boring and hard. Most importantly, there is no moral universe. The arts portray that there isn’t a moral law either within or outside of us.
The problem isn’t that the left makes movies. The problem is that the left has successfully resisted right-themed movies. The left has become so dominate in the arts that you can’t get a good review with an openly right-wing theme. Often critics rate right-themed movies badly but audiences like them.
Klavan says the left’s purpose is not to argue with right-wing ideas but to silence them. They exclude right-wingers. Hollywood Conservatives whisper because they are afraid. They don’t want to lose their jobs or be excluded.
Patrick Courrielche wrote “Tinseltown Travelogue: a deplorable’s adventure in la la land.” It is a story of “Hollywood’s stunning hypocrisy and institutionalized bigotry.” Conservatives outnumber liberals in America but in 2017 not a single actor/actress of the 240 in the Oscars, Golden Globes, Prime Time Emmys, or SAG Awards was verifiably right-wing.
Conservatives think that if they win an argument in a newspaper they’ve won the argument. A newspaper’s life is short. Art is often persistent. We pay for and enjoy entertainment that both enriches the left and brainwashes us.