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Darrel Smith: Our problem is not gun numbers

How many Americans are killed by the roughly 300 million guns that we own? About two-thirds of the annual 33,000 gun deaths are the result of suicide and about one-third are homicides. Most of the homicides are young, generally fatherless, males, two-thirds of whom are Black.
America has about 90 guns per 100 people. That is about 50 percent more guns per capita than any other country. How do all these guns affect our homicide rate versus other countries? What is your guess? Our homicide rate isn’t in the top 5, or 10. It’s not in the top 20, 50 or 100. Of the 218 countries listed in 2012, it ranks 111th behind many big-state socialistic utopias with stringent laws controlling guns. Our annual homicide rate is about 4.7 murders per 100,000 people.
This rate is so high primarily because of big Democratically-governed, gun-controlled cities with high annual homicide rates per 100,000 people such as Detroit (54.6), New Orleans (53.2), St. Louis (35.5), Baltimore (34.9), Newark (34.4), Oakland (31.8), Stockton (23.7), Kansas City (22.6), Philadelphia (21.5), Cleveland (21.3), Memphis (20.2), Atlanta (19), Chicago (18.5) along with many others.
Our murder rate is so low because of places like gun-loving Plano, Texas with a homicide rate of 0.4. The people of Plano, love their assortment of guns including .22s to teach their children how to shoot. If the United States had a murder rate like gun-loving Plano, we wouldn’t be 111th. We would rank 211th out of 218 with one-fourth the murder rate of Belgium.
Bill Whittle has a series of talks about guns, and gun control, on the internet. Much of the information in this column comes from one entitled, “Number One With A Bullet.”
John R. Lott Jr. has done very extensive research and has written, “More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws.” His research is impressive and clearly shows that in America more guns reduce crime and less guns increase crime. Proposing gun control is politically divisive, legislatively futile and may actually increase crime and homicides when gun control laws are passed.
The problem is not the guns; the problem is with the people who hold the guns. Instead of focusing on controlling guns, our society should focus on restoring self-control in people. Much of our society mocks Christianity and Christian morality. The destruction of Christianity kills people, destroys lives and degrades our society.