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Darrel Smith: There are dramatic changes to the America we love

We all disagree about many things. Unfortunately, the social divisions in America’s are increasing until they rival America’s divisions before the Civil War. This is partially explained online by, “Bill Whittle on the Frankfort School.” Activists have taken a sword to every aspect of traditional American society.
Both America and Western Civilization were influenced by Christianity, but Christianity is being excluded and diminished in America. The traditional family was a foundation for our social order for thousands of years, but the traditional family is being replaced by other social structures. The Constitution was recognized as the basis for our legal community, but it is being reinterpreted until there is little restraint left. Our free enterprise economic system allowed our country to prosper, but now many of our young people favor socialist solutions. Our robust middle class provided stability to our country, but the middle class is both socially and financially struggling.
Even concepts like freedom of speech are being challenged if the speech offends others. Some people now have trouble agreeing to the Pledge of Allegiance’s phrase–“one Nation, under God, indivisible.” Our National Anthem is also under attack because it’s based on a war environment as if people have forgotten how we obtained and have maintained our freedom. Both sides of the political spectrum are questioning our electoral integrity. Unlike today, decades ago we could unite around the exceptionalism of America and our economic and social progress.
What is replacing traditional American society is often defended by a shield of political correctness. Many people honor belief systems and social diversity that often conflicts with each other and are hostile to our unity. People are denying their biological sex for different gender preferences. Even doctors are fearful of sharing the harm that is common to young people considering and adopting transgenderism. Often people seek to meet their emotional and sexual needs apart from stable traditional marriage. In the last century, we fought socialistic Nazism, Fascism, North Korea and North Vietnam while we restrained the Soviet Union. Now a socialist is a valid presidential candidate. Both education and medical care has been regulated and socialized. Multiculturalism is respected unless it involves conservative opinions and speakers on university campuses. Our constitution is being replaced by common law decisions based on judicial opinions. Global perspectives increasingly inspire our values and judgements.
These changes involve major revisions. America is experiencing a radical, divergent transformation.