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Darrel Smith: This is intolerant, hateful bigotry

The left loves to tell conservatives and Christians that we shouldn’t be intolerant, hateful and bigoted, but many of us have experienced intolerant attacks from leftists. Donald Trump’s election and presidency provides an example.
Michael Goodwin, a veteran media columnist with the New York Post, says the last election was a “low-water mark of American journalism”. In an article called “How the mainstream media destroyed itself, with a little help from Donald Trump,” he says, “Never before have so many media organizations, old and new, abandoned all pretense of fairness to take sides and try to pick a president…It is hard to escape the conclusion that playing favorites, while pretending to be neutral, is business-as-usual…The only difference is that WikiLeaks exposed the ugly truth. Much of the media world has long tilted left, but this year, the bias became open and notorious war because the liberal bell cow decided that Trump was not deserving of basic fairness.”
John Kass’ article “Column: Harvard study: Media has been largely negative on Trump” says, Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy studied media coverage of the Trump White House. The study found that in Trump’s first 100 days in office, the tone of the news coverage of the president has been a whopping 80 percent negative to 20 percent positive. Tom Bevan, publisher and co-founder of RealClearPolitics compares this to President Obama’s coverage in his first 100 days which was a 60-40 positive to negative ratio, according to the Harvard study.
“That’s a significant shift, a significant difference,” says Bevan. “I think this is reflective of the fact that the media does root from the press box and they do cheer for certain personalities and they do cheer against others.”
An annual study reported at “Brent Bozell: The Media’s Year of Trump Hating” says, “Removing the statements made by Trump and other politicians, 90 percent of evening-news Trump evaluations were negative, and only 10 percent were positive. (Neutral statements were not counted.)…The numbers don’t tell the whole story. The qualitative measurement is just as awful. Trump news isn’t mildly negative…The network anchors have felt compelled to signal that Trump is so undesirable he should be removed from office.” Little coverage is about policy, much is about character and personality assassination