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Darrel Smith: Trump had an impressive first year

In spite of vicious attacks from many celebrities, the main stream media, political opponents, and the threat of the Special Counsel’s investigation, President Donald Trump’s first year has been very impressive.
The stock market reflects economic expectations and it has broken many records climbing over 42 percent since his election. This increase has added trillions of dollars to American wealth. More people than ever are working. Our economic GDP growth rate is approaching three percent. He has task forces in every agency reducing both regulations and the regulators who enforce them. He reversed the new definition of “Waters of the United States.” Those regulations would have put all property owners under the Environmental Protection Agency. Regulatory savings exceed 500 million dollars. He supported tax reductions that will continue to encourage the economy.
Radical jihadists in both Iraq and Syria are greatly diminished. He has encouraged Saudi Arabia to moderate and has reduced our funding to several countries that harbor terrorists. He has removed us from, or is renegotiating, several climate and trade agreements.
He is working to protect our borders and seeks to insure that immigrants will benefit our country. He just allowed the federal government to shut down for a few days in a debate about “Dreamers,” chain migration, the diversity lottery and boarder protection. Chain migration means immigrants recognized here can bring other family members who then can continue this process.
Trump and his administration are protecting religious freedom. For example, the Attorney General on October 6, 2017 issued “Federal Law Protections for Religious Liberty” describing 20 principles that protect and defend religious freedom.
He is the first president to speak to the March for Life and some of his pro-life efforts are noted under “President Trump named ‘pro-life person of the year’ for 2017.” He named Justice Neil Gorsuch who is a pro-life, constitutionalist to the Supreme Court.
Unlike Democratically controlled California where both firearm and ammo sales are controlled, Trump defends individual rights to the Second Amendment.
More information is available from several articles titled, “Here it is- Complete List of President Trump’s Historic Accomplishments His First Year in Office;” “Big List of 178 Trump Accomplishments in 367 Days;” and “Conservative Heritage Foundation Rates Trump’s First Year Better than Reagan’s.”
Are Trump’s accomplishments better than Reagan’s? Are you influenced more by the rancorous attacks against him or by Trump’s accomplishments? Do you admire or despise Trump’s many achievements?