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Darrel Smith: Trump’s accomplishments are significant

If you’re informed by the mainstream media, you would think that the Trump administration is disorganized, incompetent, cartoonish and incapable of achieving success. The opposite appears to be true. The conservative Heritage Foundation has found that Trump has achieved significantly more than Reagan did in his first year in office.
Victoria Jackson in an article by Lloyd Marcus entitled “Why Trump is so Hated by Leftists” says, “I think Trump is hated by the left because his ideology, his words and actions, are the exact opposite of the left’s ideology…He knows that capitalism, not communism, will feed the poor; capitalism makes everyone richer, while communism makes everyone equally poor. He knows that free enterprise and less government regulation will provide jobs and boost our economy, not socialist handouts and overregulation…He believes in individual freedom and responsibility, not government control. He’s not a secularist (new word for atheist, according to Julia Sweeney’s TED talk), but a defender of religious liberty, including Christianity. He is protective of Americans and not protective of our enemies, some of whom sneak into our midst through unenforced immigration law.
“He thinks all lives matter, not just black lives; he respects the police, firefighters, and military instead of fanning the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals flames of violent civil unrest and class and racial warfare. He is not a saint, and he doesn’t pretend to be. He believes in free speech, not political correctness…The left hates Trump because the Tea Party loves him.”
Judson Phillips says, “Trump is hated the same way and for the same reason President Reagan was… because Trump believes in fighting and winning.”
Joe Miller says, “The oligarchs want someone they can control. They rely on leveraged politicos to do their evil bidding, but Trump has given them no such foothold. So they use their Establishment-controlled media to foment hate against him.”
Mychal Massie says, “They are fighting President Trump because he is a threat to their ‘one world government’…the power elite will never forgive President Trump nor will they forgive We the People for electing him.”
Lloyd Marcus says, “Leftist hatred for Trump is rooted in their mission to undermine all things wholesome, godly and good for America.”
President Trump is demolishing political correctness. The left prefers global institutions over Trump’s nationalism but they fail to tell you who will control, and who will be subject, to these unaccountable global institutions.