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Darrel Smith: Trump’s energy policy is positive for country

President Trump promised to encourage energy development and he has made great progress toward achieving that goal. His administration has approved pipelines, reduced regulations and opened new areas for energy development.
These changes plus new energy development technologies such as hydraulic fracking have increased America’s energy reserves tremendously. Estimating a country’s energy reserves is difficult and uncertain. A few years ago America ranked about fifth internationally in energy reserves with these reserves valued at 28.5 trillion dollars. America was behind Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iran and Russia. Russia had reserves valued at $40.7 trillion.
Fortune magazine published an article by Chris Matthews called “America Now Leads the World In This Surprising Category.” According to some estimates, America now has more oil reserves than any other country adding trillions of dollars to our country’s assets. This means more abundant and more affordable energy. Energy costs impact all of us individually. When we can save on energy costs our finances can then be used for other purposes. Reduced energy costs also influence our country’s economic competitiveness and growth.
While the Trump administration promises to protect the environment his energy efforts have been met by dozens of lawsuits. Because of their views about the environment, Leftists want to limit energy use by reducing its supply, increasing its cost and reducing its use. They use lawsuits to accomplish their goals. Filing lawsuits in jurisdictions with leftist judges has been a continuing effort to hinder and derail Trump and his agenda.
America’s ability to reach energy independence is also having a tremendous impact on foreign relations. What happens if Saudi Arabia needs the USA more than the USA needs Saudi Arabia? For years Saudi Arabia has funded conservative Islamic teaching in Mosques and campuses throughout America and around the world. Now Saudi Arabia appears to be undergoing a massive shift toward a more moderate vision of Islam. This change could have an enormous impact reducing the power of radical Islam around the world. Is our energy independence one of the reasons Saudi Arabia is choosing this moderation?
Russia uses its massive energy resources to finance its economy and military. It also uses these resources to supply energy to and pressure its neighbors. America’s increasing energy resources inhibits these Russia’s capabilities.
Our growing energy resources benefit us individually, improve our country’s competitiveness and strengthen our position around the world.