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Darrel Smith: Trump’s first year accomplishments list is long

“Looking back on President Donald Trump’s first year in office, he has compiled a shockingly strong record and long list of accomplishments…President Trump has broken several records for a first-year commander-in-chief and fulfilled many of his key campaign promises…
“But it is also true that President Trump has faced an unprecedented level of never-ending obstruction throughout the year. He was the first president in memory to be deprived of the “honeymoon” period after Inauguration Day and, frankly, opposition at times has risen to levels that could arguably constitute downright treason.” This and other information comes from a commentary by Richard Baris called, “Trump’s First Year Accomplishments Compiled In Shockingly Long List,” published by Rasmussen Reports.
President Trump appointed constitutionalist and traditional values Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and has set a record for confirming the most federal appeals judges in his first year. These justices now include fourteen appeals justices. These judges will affect all of us for decades because past justices have given us abortion, same-sex marriage, endangered religious freedom and promoted unrestrained illegal immigration.
Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, making some of the broadest changes to the tax code since Ronald Reagan’s changes 31 years ago. Tax reductions have also encouraged bonuses, wage increases and increased industry investment in America.
Trump initiated a multi-agency deregulation drive that “has led to a record high level of business confidence indicators and most recently the highest level of industrial production in 3 years.” He signed an executive order requiring agencies to reduce two regulations for every new one created. He was very successful with a 22 to 1 deregulation accomplishment. Among many others, one of these regulations was the Waters of the United States regulation that would have put every property owner under the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency.
These and other initiatives have created tremendous optimism in the business world. Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris said that the Trump Administration is “probably the most pro-business administration since the founding fathers.” The Dow Jones Industrial Average has hit record highs nearly 70 times in 2017 and U.S. markets have created roughly $6.3 trillion in new wealth. In 2017, Americans’ 401Ks appreciated by 25 percent to 33 percent and Bank of America is forecasting the S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite to rise at least another 12 percent and 16 percent, respectively, in 2018.