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Demolition Derby scheduled this Saturday

The 25th Mobridge Demolition Derby will take place at the Mobridge Rodeo Grounds on Saturday, August 4.
This year the Mobridge Demolition Derby will feature a four on four team derby, limited build and power wheels. There will also be a raffle car.
Raffle tickets will be for sale at the demolition derby, and three winners will be picked.
The raffle tickets will be sold at the demolition derby and you can save money when you buy in multiples. One of the prizes will be to enter the limited build event, while the other would be for a cash prize, the winner doesn’t have to be present to win the cash prize.
The winner of the raffle car will get to drive the car during the limited build event and take home the winnings, if they win, but will not be able to take the car home.
In the Limited Build contest, there are a high number of local drivers entered in the contest.
“In the limited build, there are about ten local drivers,” board member, Derrick Orth said. “I’d imagine there would be just as many, if not more non-local drivers that show up.”
Part of the reason there are more contestants in the limited build contest is because the rules regarding the event are more lenient as opposed to the four on four team derby cars. There will be two different heats during the limited build event.
Numbers in the four-on-four team event are lower this year, compared to past years.
Despite numbers being low in the four-on-four team event, organizers are thinking that this will be the best showing to date.
“I think it’s the best show we will see,” event organizer Derrick Orth said. “It’s going to be fast and hard hitting, fans will enjoy it.”
Getting four people committed to making derby cars can prove to be a challenging task, and that’s part of the reason that numbers are down.
There will also be something for the kids during the demolition derby. The kids will be able to participate in Power Wheels. The only modifications to the cars that can be made are a different battery. Kids from ages four to ten can participate in the event and trophies will be given to each participant.
“It’s great because the stands are full,” Orth said. “The kids get their 15 minutes of fame and everybody is happy.”
Over the years, the Mobridge Demolition Derby has grown a little every year, according to Orth.
“I am absolutely happy where this event is,” Orth said. “Mobridge has become a well-respected demolition derby across the state of South Dakota.”
The demolition derby will start at 5 p.m. at the Mobridge Rodeo Grounds.