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Demolition Derby will be Aug. 5

The 24th Annual Demolition Derby is coming to Mobridge Aug. 5 at the Rodeo Grounds. The event starts at 5 p.m. Saturday with eight teams competing as well as the individual competition. Adult tickets are available for $10, 12-and-under tickets are $5, and pit passes for 14-year-olds and up are $20. Lesley Fischer, a member of the unofficial group called the Mobridge Demolition Derby Association, said they prepare for months beforehand. Her husband, as well as other members, will get together once or twice a month to work on their own cars. “They are just a bunch of local derby enthusiasts,” Fischer said. Head technician Jesse Gunther performs the inspections on the cars before the derby to make sure they meet the qualifications. If not, the driver and his car are disqualified. The derby is a family ordeal, according to Gunther. His father, along with the fathers of the other men in the group, started the derby in Mobridge. “We are all friends and help each other out,” Gunther said. Each year they try to add better prizes and bigger payouts. The group also sets the rules for derby, and only allow certain types of cars and certain features. “In previous years, the rules were decided by our group,” he said. “Last year we decided to let the drivers have a say in what changes and stays the same.” This year’s derby will also concessions, t-shirts for sale, and a raffle derby car. Tickets are 1 for $10, 5 for $40, or a book of 10 for $80. The lucky winner will get to drive a derby car, or win some of the raffle money. There will also be second and third places winners. All the leftover money will go to provide two scholarships for one male and one female high schooler planning to go into a career and technical educational fields. Each team consists of four drivers, and two teams go head-to-head during a heat. The last car running wins. “It’s a good family event,” Gunther said. The group is already planning for next year’s 25th Anniversary. They hope to have larger payouts and a larger crowd.