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Diner’s quick action likely saves building from fire

A quick 911 call may have saved two businesses Sunday night as a fire at Bridge City Liquors was quickly brought under control and kept from spreading.
Mobridge Fire Chief Doug DeLaRoi said Monday, that if the call would have come in later, the fire may have been well-established and the outcome different.
Nina Schumacher of Timber Lake was having dinner at Taco John’s with her daughter, Kayla, when she noticed smoke in the windows of the liquor store across the street. She said Sunday night at the scene that she looked closer and could see smoke coming out of the roof of the building.
“I didn’t know the number of the police station so I just called 911,” she said.
That was about 7:30 p.m. DeLaRoi said the Mobridge Police Department confirmed there was a fire in the building and a call went out for mutual aid from the Glenham Fire Department.
DeLaRoi said they are not sure of the cause of the fire and someone from the South Dakota Fire Marshal’s Office will be in Mobridge this week to help make that determination. He said the source of the fire was in a bathroom/furnace room in the building.
“We had a good team on the inside of the building that found the spot that was giving us some trouble,” said DeLaRoi. “Brent (Wiederholt) was able to pinpoint the hot spot for us and we knocked it down.”
There was also a multi-layered ceiling in the building that they pulled down to get to the trouble spots.
DeLaRoi said there was smoke, water and some fire damage to the building, but the crews kept the fire contained to the liquor store building. The fire fighters had to break some windows and the glass in the front door to gain access to the building.
The crews were on site for about three and half hours.
“We had good inter-agency communications on this situation,” said DeLaRoi. “Because of that we were able to knock it down quickly and keep the damage down.”
– Katie Zerr –