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Faehnrich career round leads Tigers to five medals

The Tiger golfers had their games together on Thursday at Chamberlain Country Club. All five golfers medaled at the Chamberlain Invitational.
“This was probably the best meet performance since I started coaching,” said coach Stephen Hettick. “Everyone played a great round and helped the team.
Dalton Faehnrich led the Tigers with a second-place 36-39-75.
“Dalton had the breakout performance he was due for,” said Hettick. “I knew he was capable of playing that kind of golf. It was fun to see him play like that. Hopefully he, as well as the team, can continue to play at that level as we move closer to the postseason.”
Stone Jensen was one stroke back in third, shooting 37-39-76. Noah Fried took fifth with 44-39-83. Isaac Aman was 10th with 47-47-94 and Jack Faehnrich came in 15th with 54-48-102.
Cameron Caldwell of Chamberlain took advantage of the home course to shoot 36-36-72 and win medalist honors.
The Tigers were 13 strokes better than Chamberlain in team scores. The Tigers shot 328 and Chamberlain 339, after the Tigers beat the Cubs 350-376 in Mobridge the previous week.
The Tigers head to Pierre on Saturday looking for a conference title at the Big Dakota Conference Meet.

Chamberlain Invitational
Team Scores: Mobridge-Pollock 328, Chamberlain 339, Pierre Green 401, Pierre White 408, St. Francis Indian 410.
Individual Results: 1. Cameron Caldwell, Chamberlain, 36-36-72; 2. Dalton Faehnrich, Mobridge-Pollock, 36-39-75; 3. Stone Jensen, Mobridge-Pollock, 37-39-76; 4. Drayton Priebe, Chamberlain, 41-38-79; 5. Noah Fried, Mobridge-Pollock, 44-39-83; 6. Carter Feltman, Chamberlain, 40-46-86; 7. Bryce Hammer, Todd County, 43-44-87; 8. Thomas Denoyer, St. Francis, 46-43-89; 9. Sawyer Lee, Pierre White, 49-43-92; 10. Isaac Aman, Mobridge-Pollock, 47-47-94; 11. Clay Ambach, Pierre Green, 49-46-95; 12. Thomas Kropp, Pierre Green, 50-45-95; 13. Ethan Ogan, Pierre White, 51-49-100; 14. Elye White Mouse, Chamberlain, 52-50-102; 15. Jack Faehnrich, Mobridge-Pollock, 54-48-102;
16. Jayd Whitley, Winner, 54-50-104; 17. Andy Gordon, Pierre Green, 50-54-104; 18. Josh Iron Shell, St. Francis, 56-48-104; 19. Gage Watson, Winner, 54-51-105; 20. Adam Ankrum, Pierre White, 55-51-106; 21. Michael Boddicker, Pierre Green, 57-50-107; 22. Daniell Witt, St. Francis, 46-51-107; 23. Deegan Houska, Pierre Green, 55-53-108; 24. Tyler Wright, Todd County, 55-54-109; 25. Cooper Swartz, Pierre White, 60-50-110; 26. Jonathan Lyons, Pierre White, 58-52-110; 27. Max Kelsey, Chamberlain, 51-59-110; 28. Luta Bobtail Bear, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 63-62-125; 29. Nathan Monk, Winner, 61-65-126; 30. Troy Lafferty, Todd County, 74-68-142.