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False report sends law in force to Pollock

A man with a gun at the West Pollock Resort, Thursday, May 24, set off a series of law enforcement reactions that included response of agencies from across northern South Dakota.
According to Campbell County Sheriff Lacy Perman, at 7:08 a.m. dispatchers at the Mobridge Regional E911 Dispatch received a report of an active shooter at a resort located in rural Campbell County near the town of Pollock.
Law enforcement officers from several jurisdictions responded while 911 dispatch remained in contact with the reporting party gathering information. The immediate information reported included multiple shots fired, individuals wounded, individuals being held at gunpoint and suspects barricading themselves in residences with firearms.This information was passed on to responding law enforcement who developed a plan and, according to Perman, entered the area to combat the threat.
The reporting party, Bruce Maxwell, 61, who was armed with a firearm, was disarmed and taken into custody without incident. Officers then searched the area, investigating the incident report and found no evidence an assault had occurred and there was no longer a risk to the public.
Officers determined that Maxwell was a risk to himself and the public at that time, according to Perman’s release. Maxwell was transported to a mental health facility in Yankton for treatment.
Perman said officers followed the appropriate precautions during the incident.
Local agencies that responded to the incident included the Mobridge Regional 911 Center, Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, Walworth County Sheriff’s Office, McPherson County Sheriff’s Office, Mobridge Police Department, Campbell County Ambulance, Mobridge Regional Ambulance and the Pollock Fire Department and First Responders.
According to Perman, this is an ongoing investigation with the possibility of a later arrest.
That information will be released at a further date.