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Family influences Trent Abrego’s cooking

Trent Abrego has great memories of his grandpa making calabaza for Sunday dinner and the smell that welcomed the family as they made their way to his home in Worthington, Minn.
“Grandpa would cook it every Sunday when he was alive,” recalled Trent. “You could smell it from about a block away.”
The perfect carne de cerdo con calabaza is difficult to achieve according to Trent, because of the different mixture of vegetables. If you don’t cook it right, some get too soft.
“His was the perfect texture,” he said. “Grandpa could avoid the ‘mushiness’ that can happen. He could do it just right.”
Born in Worthington, the middle child Jeremy and Shellie Abrego, Trent spent the first 12 years of his life in the strong Mexican community that make up the town.
“My grandpa was 100 percent Mexican,” said Trent. “I had a great connection to Mexican community there.”
The family moved from Worthington to Benson, Minn., where Trent graduated from Benson High School in 2015.
He is currently a journalism student at South Dakota State University and is spending the summer in Mobridge working at the Tribune in the intern position.
He will be a junior at SDSU in the fall and has a year’s experience writing for the university’s student newspaper, the Collegian. He also wrote for the Jackrabbit Sports Service.
Trent has a brother, Logan and a sister, Rya.
His favorite food is the Mexican he grew up eating. He said he learned to cook from his dad, but his grandpa’s influence is defiantly there. His brother Logan, who works as an executive chef in Moorhead, Minn., also has had an influence on Trent’s cooking.
It was his brother he was trying to impress when his attempt at making blackened Tilapia went awry.
“I put about three ties the amount of pepper on the fish than it called for,” he s said. “While it was cooking you could really smell the pepper. It burned our eyes and stunk up the whole house. We didn’t even eat it.”
When Trent has some free time, he likes getting away from it all, to go camping or just getting out into nature.
“I kind of get away from everything and get out into nature,” he said. “I like going to new places to view nature and the different landscapes.”
Trenton is also an avid reader, likes playing video games and is a self-proclaimed “sports fanatic.” He has spent the week watching the World Cup soccer tournament.
Trent will be the editor of the sports section of the Collegian, the SDSU student newspaper next year.