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Fireworks cause severe injuries

A young resident suffered serious injuries to a hand Sunday, June 30, in an accident involving fireworks.
According to the police report, at 11:23 p.m. a caller reported an injured minor at a Fourth Avenue East location. Officers were the first on the scene and realizing the seriousness of the injury, applied a tourniquet to the wounded area, according to Mobridge Police Chief Shawn Madison. The Mobridge Ambulance Service arrived and the minor was transported to Mobridge Regional Hospital and Clinics and later transported to a Bismarck medical facility for surgery.
According to a family member, the injuries included severe trauma to one hand, broken bones and burns to the face and chest.
Madison said every precaution should be taken when using fireworks during the holiday. He said children should always be supervised and should never be allowed to light fireworks.
The MPD sent out the message about fireworks safety which includes the following information:
• Every day an average of 180 people go to emergency rooms in the month surrounding the Fourth of July celebrations.
• Always follow the directions closely and never try to relight a firework that does not ignite.
• Never pick up a firework or hold one in your hand.
Madison said accidents will happen, but using extreme caution when lighting fireworks can prevent accidents.