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First day of kindergarten is exciting, sad at the same time

The sounds of children greeting each other on the playground, of teachers helping students find their way and in some cases tears, are all a part of the first day of school.
For some families with kindergarten students it is a traumatic experience, for others, a right of passage.
For Mobridge residents Kyle and Risa Fryhling and their only child Letty, it was a bit of both.
For Letty, who has been excited for kindergarten since the last day of pre-school in the spring, the day couldn’t come soon enough.
The week leading up to Tuesday, Aug. 20, was counted down by the number of sleeps left until the big day. She talked about the playground, being excited about seeing her friends from daycare and making new friends.
But when she woke up Tuesday morning, a bit of hesitation had set in.
“I was surprised. She said she was going to miss her day care provider,” said Risa. “I reminded her she had been so excited about school and that it was going to be a big adventure for her.”
After a bit of cuddling and discussing, Letty’s excitement began to build again. She is a bit of a “fashionista” and had the clothes she wanted to wear picked out Monday evening. One wardrobe change and Letty was ready to go.
As they walked up to Freeman Davis, Letty was all smiles and ready to go, walking ahead of her parents into the school.
For Risa, the emotions started to set in at that time. This was the first and the last time the family would be experiencing the first day of school together.
“I’m more emotional about it than Kyle,” she said. “I cried, but it was because I was proud, not sad.”
Risa said if she is nervous about anything with her only child in school, it would be that she wants it to be a good experience, for Letty to have friends and to enjoy this time.
Risa said Letty is an independent child who is encouraged to spread her wings and experience new things.
“She is loveable, happy and passionate about things,” she said. “I have to slow her down a bit as she gets excited about so much.”
Letty is already talking about her birthday (which is in March) but her mother explained there are a few other occasions-the start of school, Halloween, Christmas-that come first before the birthday.
“We are excited to watch her grow, to reach these milestones as we go through life,” said Risa.
After school Letty told her parents about her day, saying she really liked it, especially recess and playing outside with her friends.
Risa said Letty, with a big grin, said she is excited about going to school again tomorrow.