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Frailing looks on as marina building comes down

The memories of years of a labor of love washed through Jerry Frailing as he sat atop his riding mower on Saturday morning, watching the Bridge City Marina and Resort building he built get torn down and toted away.
“It’s something isn’t it?” said Frailing.
Frailing bought the business 36 years ago and sold it to present owners Mike and Jesse Norder eight years ago. Since that time, the building that housed the bait shop has become too small for the Norder’s needs. The time for a new, updated building is here. As the old building was being razed, Frailing could not help but think of times past.
“It was a good life,” said Frailing. “We really enjoyed it. We met tons of fantastic people.
Frailing recalled when the bait shop was owned by a corporation and run by Rod Moon. When he started running the bait shop, he quickly started finding things he felt needed updating. The corporation did not want to follow suit, until one day it was suggested the Frailing just buy the place. And so he did.
“There was nothing here,” said Frailing. “No cabins, not one tree, just the bait shop.”
All that changed over the years. There are now cabins to the south of the bait shop and more on the north side of the bay. The marina itself now holds enough boats that they wrap all the way around the bay. As for the trees, there are now so many that two or three will have to come out before the new building can be put into place.
Talking about the growth, Frailing said, “We were fortunate. We worked with some wonderful people in the Corps of Engineers and the State of South Dakota.”
Frailing and Mike Norder met some 10 years ago when Norder was working for the state. One day about nine years ago, Frailing looked at and Norder and told him he should buy the place.”
“Jerry told me I’ve got the perfect family for this,” said Norder.
The place has continued to flourish under the Norders, leading to the next step in developing and updated the building.
The double-wide they are moving in is 24×70, a full 20 feet longer than the old building. It will allow the Norders to add a laundry and kitchen, two things they feel are in much-needed demand.
Sitting on the hill in the parking lot with Frailing, we watched a small army of help take the old building down. It did not take long to realize the majority of the work was going to get done in one day as two tractors and two skid steers took turns demolishing the building and carrying the lumber out.
Norder said it could not have been accomplished without the help of some wonderful people. He said the help of Randy and Mel Hanson, Charlie and Becky Peacock, Johnny and Margie Wollman, Allen and Deb Lentfer, sons Josh and Kregen, along with Azaria Mittleider, and Philipp Henssler (the foreign exchange student the Norders hosted during the 2016-17 school year who was here on vacation). Dan Richards from the State of South Dakota was also on hand for any help he could provide.
That’s quite a list of people, but Norder said none of it could have been done without the endless energy of his wife, Jesse.
“I got lucky,” said Norder. “She’s amazing. She’s Wonder Woman.”
The Norders have two weeks to get everything prepared for putting the new building in place.
On that day you can bet Frailing will be sitting on top of the hill, looking down and remembering how far things have come in 36 years.