Mobridge Weather

wind speed: 7 mph NNE

GFP conservation officer: Pheasants unaffected by July 4 storm

Despite a July 4 storm that yielded heavy winds and rainfall, the local pheasant population isn’t expected to be affected, according to Game, Fish and Parks conservation officer.
While there were localized reports of damaged birds, the GFP isn’t expecting any ramifications to the local pheasant population.
Winds during the storm reached upwards to 95 mph, but the storm didn’t give Mobridge much rain with just .23 inches falling. This might have spared some of the pheasants, being that they don’t nest in trees compared to some local birds.
“Normally, heavy rains or hail will effect the pheasants since they nest on the ground,” wildlife conservation officer Trevor Laine said.
Since pheasants normally re-nest two to three times a year, the population is expected to be in good shape.
Hunters shouldn’t be concerned about the local pheasant population.
“If they re-nest, it would only be about a half mile away,” Laine said. “Hunters shouldn’t worry.”
GFP is gearing up for their annual brood route, where they will take count of pheasants to know the numbers of the annual hatch. There is no indication on where the numbers will stand. The route takes place yearly in Mid-August.
“The pheasants are doing alright,” Laine said.