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Golfing Tigers finish second at pre-region meet

By Jay Davis

The Tigers put themselves in position to earn a trip to state as a team with their performance at the pre-region golf meet in Pierre on Monday.
The Tigers finished second in team standings with 333 strokes. Parkston took first with 310. Winner was third with 340. Chamberlain was a distant fourth with 372. The top three teams in region will all qualify for state.
“The boys now know what it is going to take to qualify and be respectable in our region,” said coach Jason Weisbeck. “They are going to have to play well, especially with Winner now on our tail.
The projected cut on Monday will be the top 17 golfers. With that in mind, four Tigers would have qualified individually with Monday’s results.
Tyler Villbrandt led the Tigers with a sixth-place 80. Mitch Heumiller was seventh with an 82. Carson Keller shot 86 for 13th and Eric Looyenga shot 87 for 14th. Joey Heil was just one place and one stroke from the top 17 with a 90.
“I can’t remember a projected cut score ever under 90,” said Weisbeck.
The Tigers will return to Hillsview Golf Course in Pierre for the Region 3A Golf Tournament on Monday.
“We would love to see how close we could get to Parkston,” said Weisbeck. “If all the boys play to their potential on Monday, it could be a showdown. Monday is what matters now.”
The State A Golf Tournament will be played Central Valley Golf Club in Hartford on Oct. 7 and 8.

Pre-Region Meet
Team Scores: Parkston 310, Mobridge-Pollock 333, Winner 340, Chamberlain 372, Wagner 432.
Individual results: 1. Jayden Bruun, Winner, 38-34-72; 2. Jake Weber, Parkston, 38-38-76; 3. Ty Kinneberg, Parkston, 39-38-77; 4. Jamie Smith, Parkston, 40-38-78; 5. Garrett Hohn, Parkston, 38-41-79; 6. Tyler Villbrandt, Mobridge-Pollock, 38-42-80; 7. Mitch Heumiller, Mobridge-Pollock, 42-40-82; 8. Jacob Lee, Parkston, 39-43-82; 9. Dru Espinoza, St. Francis, 41-43-84; 10. Landon Engel, Winner, 45-40-85;
11. David Jensen, Mobridge-Pollock, 40-45-85; 12. Anthony Bizardo, Todd County, 43-43-86; 13. Carson Keller, Mobridge-Pollock, 41-45-86; 14. Eric Looyenga, Mobridge-Pollock, 43-44-87; 15. Adam Hutmacher, Chamberlain, 39-49-88; 16. Lucas Jedlicki, Winner, 48-41-89; 17. Tiegen Priebe, Chamberlain, 46-43-89; 18. Joey Heil, Mobridge-Pollock, 45-45-90; 19. Walter Necklace, Wagner, 48-44-92; 20. Danny Sazue, Chamberlain, 47-46-93;
21. Sam Hossle, Winner, 47-47-94; 22. Buzz Jordan, St. Francis, 45-50-95; 23. Josh Cimpl, Wagner, 51-48-99; 24. Stone Jensen, Mobridge-Pollock, 52-48-100; 25. Sid Durrin, Winner, 49-51-100; 26. Jake Mutzinger, Chamberlain, 48-54-102; 27. Matt Jensen, Winner, 50-55-105; 28. Riggs Priebe, Chamberlain, 53-59-112; 29. Austin Hutmacher, Chamberlain, 44-71-115; 30. Jacob Kucera, Wagner, 57-62-119; 31. Nathan Kucera, Wagner, 59-63-122; 32. Duncan English, Winner, 65-58-123; 33. Thane Witte, St. Francis, 63-61-124; 34. Jessup Yazzi, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 83-82-165.



Tyler Villbrandt shot an 80 to take sixth place and lead the Tigers to second at the pre-region meet in Pierre on Monday.

Tyler Villbrandt shot an 80 to take sixth place and lead the Tigers to second at the pre-region meet in Pierre on Monday.