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UPDATE March 13, 2020:

Representative Gosch reached out with the following update:

“I want to thank everyone for the kind wishes and signs of support over the past couple of days. All of your prayers and well wishes were appreciated by my family and I. It goes to show you how close we are as a state and how great the people of South Dakota are. I would also like to say that as of 11 am CDT this morning, I was notified that my tests have come back as negative for Covid 19.    

 A few days ago, I started to become ill and as a precaution, contacted the local health care provider to get an examination. It was at that time that the medical provider felt that I was a medium risk and suggested that I get tested for Covid 19. I wanted to do the responsible thing so I obliged and have been in quarantine since yesterday.  Since then, misinformation has been leaked and I fear that my case was used to create further hysteria. I want it to be clear that we were only taking precautionary measures in order to protect the general public.
As for the reporting: It is clear that fear and sensationalism has driven a great deal of the news surrounding my circumstances. In several situations, the information that was reported about my case was inaccurate and untimely and simply created unnecessary panic.  Unsubstantiated reports were out this morning that I had received my results and that they were negative. And one news post actually stated that I made the announcement – when in reality, I had not even heard yet. I did not receive results until hours after the initial reports were released. During times like these we need to make sure we are dealing with facts and remain mindful of the impact of the information we share.
At the end of the day, I am grateful for the test results and know that we will all get past the initial shock of the spread of this virus. We need to use common sense and remain resilient and supportive of those in our communities that need assistance.


March 12, 2020:

It was reported this morning that Glenham resident and Representative of District 23 Spencer Gosch had fallen ill and has been tested for the COVID-19. Representative Gosh posted this update on his Facebook Page.

“The news is reporting that I was recently tested for Covid 19. At this time, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I have had a headache for a few days but started feeling the symptoms yesterday and wanted to do the responsible thing. After calling the hotline, I registered as a medium risk and was asked to get tested to be sure. This could be absolutely anything at this point as we put in long days and can get run down towards the end of session. We likely won’t know for a couple of days. I want to calm any of the Hysteria out there. We all need to stay calm and do the right thing. Get your information from reliable sources and just take a little extra precaution. I want to thank everyone for reaching out!!!”

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