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Groton trio wins Denny Palmer Memorial tourney

On a Lake Oahe Saturday that featured wind, rain and whitecaps, three Groton anglers combined to win the ninth annual Denny Palmer Memorial Fishing Tournament.
The team of Ron Anderson, Blake Anderson and Taylor Anderson fought the conditions to catch 17.46 pounds of walleye and take home the first-place prize of $3,500. Their total weight was not threatened. None of the other 104 teams reached 15 pounds. Their biggest walleye was 5.64 pounds.
Mobridge High School graduates, David Rowe of Ft. Yates, N.D., Jeff Heil of Hermosa and Brad Heil of Minneapolis, Minn., caught 14.92 pounds for second place and $2,800. They had the second biggest walleye in the tournament at 6.39 pounds.
Brian Fox (formerly of Mobridge), Dylan Fox and Brad Peterson of Revillo, caught 14.73 pounds for third and $2,200 with a 5.18-pound walleye being their biggest fish.
Jason Hanson of Bath and Grant Gilchrist and Landon Hanson of Columbia took fourth with 14.31 pounds to take in $1,900.
Timber Lake anglers Brent and Brad Mareska caught 12.77 pounds of walleye for fifth place and $1,500.
A number of local anglers caught their way into the money.
Cole Kappenman of Bowdle teamed with Haylee Kilber of Ipswich and Brenden Goulet of Morris, Minn., for eighth. The team caught 12.27 pounds and made $650.
Tate Merchant and Jason Gosch of Mobridge and Chris Byre of Glenham led off the second 10 with an 11th-place finish, catching 11.96 pounds and picking up $400.
James Larson of Mobridge fished with son, Justin, and grandson, Trevor, of Ipswich. The trio caught 11.59 pounds for 14th and $300.
Selby anglers Corey Sandmeier and Brent Reilley came in 15th with 11.28 pounds, earning $300.
Three Mobridge anglers teamed for 17th. Jay Ritter, Jeff Bonn and Spencer Merkel caught 11.05 pounds and made $240.
Ritchie Davis of Mobridge teamed with Mike Verhulst of Miller and Byron Larson (another of James Larson’s sons) of Pierre for 19th. They caught 10.83 pounds and picked up $220.
The Mobridge trio of Dean and Jack Hagen and Dan Davis took 20th where 10.38 pounds was worth $220.
Gary Fahrni of Selby teamed with Bob Fahrni of Aberdeen and Tom Goehring of Mina for 21st. Their 10.14 pounds earned them $200.
Jason Voegele and Craig Schaefbauer of Mobridge fished with Matt Johnson of Pierre to take 22nd with 10.1 pounds and earn $200.
Jess Jung of McIntosh and Quinten Hedlin of Pierre caught 10.08 pounds for 23rd place and $200.
Jason and Jane Harris of Fairmont, Minn., caught the biggest walleye of the tournament at 6.84 pounds, earning $300, but it wasn’t enough to get them a top 25 finish.
The 105 teams combined to bring in nearly 780 pounds of walleye on a day that the conditions caused 15 teams to get skunked and more than one boat to suffer motor issues.

Denny Palmer Memorial Fishing Tournament
Top 25: 1. Ron Anderson, Blake Anderson, Taylor Anderson, Groton, 17.46, $3,500; 2. David Rowe, Ft. Yates, N.D., Jeff Heil, Hermosa, Brad Heil, Minneapolis, Minn., 14.92, $2,800; 3. Brian Fox, Dylan Fox, Brad Peterson, Revillo, 14.73, $2,200; 4. Jason Hanson, Bath, Grant Gilchrist, Landon Hanson, Columbia, 14.31, $1,900; 5. Brent Mareska, Brad Mareska, Timber Lake, 12.77, $1,500; 6. Chad Roesler, Erik Martinmaas, Phillip Phelps, Orient, 12.71, $1,00; 7. Steven Senyak, Clark, Alek Heier Aberdeen, Mike Senyak, Gettysburg, 12.39, $750; 8. Cole Kappenman, Bowdle, Brenden Goulet, Morris, Minn., Haylee Kilber, Ipswich, 12.27, $650; 9. Lyle Mitchell, Jason Biers, Rapid City, Brad Rohrbach, Hill City, 12.24, $500; 10. Mitchell Nehlich, Greg Nehlich, Aberdeen, 12.2, $450; 11. Tate Merchant, Jason Gosch, Mobridge, Chris Byre, Glenham, 11.96, $400; 12. Robbie Mees, Hayden Mees, Watertown, 11.79, $350; 13. Jeff Dougherty, Stacy Dougherty, David Jennings, Sioux Falls, 11.69, $350; 14. James Larson, Mobridge, Justin Larson, Trevor Larson, Ipswich, 11.59, $300; 15. Corey Sandmeier, Brent Reilley, Selby, 11.28, $300; 16. Darrell Peters, Kyra Peters, Kadence Peters, Hinton, Iowa, 11.08, $240; 17. Jay Ritter, Jeff Bonn, Spencer Merkel, Mobridge, 11.05, $240; 18. Josh Olson, Monte Olson, Lemmon, 11.02, $220; 19. Mike Verhulst, Miller, Byron Larson, Pierre, Ritchie Davis, Mobridge, 10.83, $220; 20. Dean Hagen, Dan Davis, Jack Hagen, Mobridge, 10.38, $220; 21. Bob Fahrni, Aberdeen, Gary Fahrni, Selby, Tom Goehring, Mina, 10.14, $200; 22. Jason Voegele, Craig Schaefbauer, Mobridge, Matt Johnson, Pierre, 10.1, $200; 23. Quinten Hedlin, Pierre, Jess Jung, McIntosh, 10.08, $200; 24. Levi Hendrickson, Sioux Falls, Ryan Franks, Pierre, 9.95, $200; 25. Bobby Simon, Doug Johnson, Gettysburg, Dylan Johnson, Spearfish, 9.83, $200.