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Hare: Scammers hitting area hard

Walworth County State’s Attorney Jamie Hare and law enforcement officials are warning residents not to fall victim to the multitude of scams that are hitting the area.
Hare said a recent increase in reported scams is alarming.
“They are running the whole gambit,” he said.
He said recently residents have reported getting calls from scammers posing as IRS employees telling them they must pay a certain amount of money or they would be immediately arrested.
Other reports include the well-known grandparent scam in which the caller pretends to be a grandchild in trouble who needs bail money.
Another caller claims to be from the FBI, saying the agency has frozen the assets of the individual and in order to free those assets a certain amount of money must be sent.
Hare said another common scam is that the caller is told they have won a large amount of cash, but in order for it to be sent to the individual, they must first pay “taxes” or release fees.
“People want to believe that they are going to get this money,” said Hare. “If you have to give money to receive money it is a scam.”
Hare said no matter how convincing the caller sounds, if they ask for money, it is a scam.
He said another common scam making the rounds is one where an individual calls to ask for help in getting cash. The individual tells the resident that they are sending a check of a certain amount and ask that the resident deposit in their account, withdraw part of the amount of the check in cash for the caller and keep the rest. The checks are no good and the resident loses that money.
“No matter how much they want to believe that they are getting this money, they are not,” said Hare. “We have had reports of people sending money to these scammers because they believed they were getting more in return.”
Officials are telling residents not to respond to these callers and to notify law enforcement if they believe they have been scammed.
– Katie Zerr –