Mobridge Weather

wind speed: 7 mph WNW

Heavy rain causes local flooding

Water rushed down gutters and over curbs on Tuesday, Aug. 15, as a record 2.22 inches of rain fell in Mobridge throughout the day.

There was localized flooding in the streets as a heavy downpour occurred in the early evening. Before the skies let loose in the evening, .45 inches of rain had fallen  in Mobridge according to the National Weather Service. By the time the clock turned to Wednesday, an official 2.22 inches, a record for Aug. 15, had fallen.

The retention pond on First Avenue West and Ninth Street quickly overflowed as the heavy rainwater rushed to that low-lying spot. Mobridge City Administrator Christine Goldsmith said she had not received any reports of unusual flooding or damage caused by the rapid rainfall.

“There was a lot of water pushed through the waste water plant and it handled that well,” she said. “It was the first big test for the new equipment.”

She said there was the usual flooding issues on First Avenue West, but the Mobridge Police and water department staffs monitored the corner to keep drivers from pushing the water further into yards along the road.

According to the National Weather Service, 5.48 inches of rain has fallen in Mobridge since Aug. 1. Since the June 1, 9.95 inches of rain has fallen. The area is now only .48 inches from the normal precipitation for the year.

– Katie Zerr –