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Hollenbeck to appear at Dairy Days

A very entertaining program, “Patchwork of the Prairies,” will be presented during Dairy & Ag Days in Pollock. The program will be Saturday afternoon, July 14, at 2:30 p.m. at the Pollock Memorial Presbyterian Church.
Yvonne Hollenbeck of Clearfield (a small town between Winner and Valentine, Neb.) shows approximately 40 quilts made on the prairies of South Dakota and Nebraska by five generations of her family. The presentation is accompanied by a slide show of photos of the makers, their homes, some sod, and their communities, as well as stories about their lives.
One of the quilts she will show was made and quilted by a relative that lived in the Hillside community, approximately 10 miles south of Pollock (her father was raised near the Norway Lutheran Church north of Glenham).
The program will also include a segment she calls “The Fabulous Feedsack Era” which audiences find quite entertaining.
Hear the oohs and aahs as Hollenbeck, who lives on a cattle ranch in a remote area of south central South Dakota, unfolds the beautiful creations made on the farms and ranches of the Northern Plains. Many of the quilts that will be shown in her presentation were made by hand in sod houses, and at a time when electricity and other modern conveniences were not available.
Backgrounding the program will be a slide presentation showing photographs of the women who made the quilts and the homes they lived in, some made of sod.
Hollenbeck is also one of the highest awarded cowboy poets in America. She doesn’t claim to be a cowboy, but married one, so she writes mostly humorous poetry about things that were not so humorous when they happened.

Coming home
Yvonne is especially excited about coming to Pollock as it was in Campbell County where her father, Harry Hanson, was born and raised.
As a child she spent priceless times visiting her grandparents and other relatives in the region.
One of the quilts she will show was made by a great-great-grandmother and quilted by a daughter, Olive Hanson (Mrs. Martin) of rural Pollock, and passed on by Olive’s daughter, Nellie Beed.
Times were extremely hard during the dry depression years and the only fabric obtained for use in clothing and quilts was feed sacks. In addition to this popular presentation, Hollenbeck will recite some of her original poetry about quilts and quilters. While some of her writings are humorous as they talk about life on the ranch, her poetry takes a turn for the serious side when she writes about the women of the plains and the hardships they endured.
This entertaining and educational program has been receiving outstanding critiques by folks of all ages, men and women, so don’t worry about this being just for the ladies.
The program is sponsored by the South Dakota Humanities Council and the Pollock Visitor Center. Make plans to attend this event on July 14, along with all of the other activities during Dairy & Ag Days in Pollock on July 13 through 15.
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