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KATIE ZERR: Administration is chipping away at women’s rights

No matter how hard politicians try, women will not be relegated back to the role of subservient human beings.
Despite the efforts of some conservatives, women will not sit idly by while being patted on the head and told to “leave the politicking to the men, honey.”
This has been happening for years. Women have made gains on the business and political stages, but now there is a movement afoot to set women back 50 or more years.
We live in a country that is based on basic principles. We declared our independence from the tyranny of the English monarchy and fought a war with each other to ensure that a race of people was not treated like animals instead of humans.
There have been tumultuous times that have left scars on our history but laws were changed to reflect that we would not tolerate that kind of treatment of human beings. Although the laws were written with minority groups as the main focus, these laws also apply to female Americans.
Women deserve to live their lives on equal terms as the males in our country. For far too long women’s freedoms have been limited by laws made by older, white males who were elected to state and national positions of power.
We, the people, means everyone, not just a selected few.
In 2017 giant steps backwards have been maneuvered under this administration and the Republican rule in Congress and women are the collateral damage of laws and executive orders that are dismantling our rights.
This administration has proved over and over again that women’s rights need to take a back seat to those of the male of the species and acts from White House have proved this.
The most recent and alarming move that should shake females to the core is the appointment of Teresa Manning, a lobbyist for the National Right to Life Committee, to take charge of federal family planning efforts at the Department of Health and Human Services. The president has appointed someone who does not believe in contraception to head family planning resources. This is an exclamation mark to the statement that this administration is dangerous to women and women’s health.
Certain groups in our country believe contraception is representative of feminism and the sexual revolution. They believe that women should not have the right to decide if they want to bear children. Some believe that only God has that right.
This is incredibly archaic, but has been embraced by this administration because it keeps women in their place. This wave of women’s rights suppression completely ignores the fact that family planning is a way to curb those hateful, budget draining “entitlements.” Studies show that when women have more control over their fertility, it promotes economic security on all levels. When women have children because they want to and not because the government wants to control their rights to choose, there is a more stable environment for America’s children.
It is so ironic that the same people who claim to want to save the life of every unborn child, want to pull the rug out from under females once those children are born. Their logic, save the unborn, but ignore the child after birth, is confusing.
Take away the availability of contraception and we must live with the consequences of unplanned and sometimes unwanted children.
And after we have forced women to have children, this group of conservatives want to cut funding for daycare, job training, food assistance programs, shelter, clothing, education, or anything else that children need.
Taking away the availability of contraceptives because people who own businesses shouldn’t have to pay for women’s birth control is ridiculous. They pay more when unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, sickness due to reproductive and other issues, impact the workplace. Why can’t that simple economic fact get through to them?
When this president signed an executive order terminating the federal requirement that health insurance plans, legislated under the Affordable Care Act cover contraception, he said it was to protect Christian beliefs. His press secretary said not many women would be impacted by this move. But facts show that this administration is wrong in so many ways.
Studies show that 14 percent of all women in the U.S. (about 22 million) use contraceptives in the form of birth control pills for reasons unrelated to controlling pregnancy. This medication is used to reduce the pain of cramping, to regulate menstrual cycles and preventing side effects such as migraine headaches. Other uses include helping to control endometriosis and to reduce certain forms of acne.
While we are distracted by the multiple scandals of this administration, the healthcare of women in this country is under attack.
Slashing of funding for evidence-based pregnancy prevention and family planning programs in favor of abstinence-based education that is a proven failure, shows females where they stand with this administration.
– Katie Zerr –