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KATIE ZERR: DACA has never been found illegal

In his mission to wipe out anything that has connections to the Barak Obama administration, the current president and certain members of his administration are feeding his supporters a bag of half-truths.
This is nothing new in politics as it seems every politician lies to their constituents when they need to justify their actions. But the habit of using unverified information and numbers created by ultraconservative websites to justify action taken by this administration is concerning to the majority of the American people.
The president’s own tweets are filled with information he receives by conservative news networks and far-right groups that often don’t pay much attention to the truth as long as what they are selling makes non-conservatives look bad.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions stood in front of cameras on Tuesday (unlike his boss who hid behind his tweeter feed); proclaiming the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was illegal. Sessions said the Trump Administration is just trying to force Congress into passing a law that deals with these illegal children and young adults and their parents who brought them here illegally.
Yes, their parents may be illegal immigrants, but these children have known only one country. They work in this country, they defend this country and they have pledge allegiance to their home, the United States. Many have never stepped on the soil of the country from which their parents came.
Many national, state and business leaders are voicing their disagreement with the Trump Administration and legal experts are saying the Trump administration’s legal excuse for ending DACA as just a cover for a political decision.
The administration’s argument is that if they didn’t end DACA it would inevitably be deemed illegal by the judicial branch of the government.
That is not really the truth. Despite the legal action cited by Sessions in his announcement, the legal fate of DACA was far from settled. According to several news sources that are not conservative based, the decision Sessions mentioned was based on a broader immigration program proposed by the Obama Administration that has never been fully settled in court.
Sessions said the administration’s opinion is that DACA is vulnerable to the same legal and constitutional challenges involving the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) program, but federal courts never came to a final determination on the constitutionality of DAPA.
So the claim of illegality is not quite true. A federal judge granted a temporary injunction against the initiative going into effect in February 2015, but the judge ruled in the injunction that it was part of the bigger picture to accomplish a permanent goal settling the legal status of these individuals. The Supreme Court, in a 4-4 deadlock ruling in June 2016 left in place the temporary block on the plan, but the legality has never been established.
The administration claims that nearly all of the best legal experts in the country have advised that the program is unlawful and unconstitutional and cannot be successfully defended in court.
Again, this is not true.
In fact, many “legal experts,” to use the administration’s language, have claimed publicly that there is no question that the legality of DACA would stand up in court. The president’s disdainful message that the former president used an executive order to create DACA is nearly laughable as the only action taken on the national level since this president has taken office has been by executive order. Those actions have been used to wipe out much of the work of the Obama Administration with no backup plans in sight. How hypocritical that he criticizes that executive order of another president who took action because a spineless, do nothing Congress would not.
When it comes to DACA, what may be closer to the truth is that Trump has knuckled under the threat of several state attorneys general that have said they would sue the federal government if DACA was not ended. The administration said these state’s attorneys are suing, but that has not happened. In fact one of the 10 has now backed down from the group threat. No suits have been filed.
This president’s obsession with wiping out anything that was enacted under the previous administration is nauseating and bordering on dangerous. If he would let his primal urge for revenge go and concentrate on working for the betterment of the majority of the people of this nation instead of satisfying his shrinking base, he would become a better man and better president.
But his actions speak so much louder than his words.
His supporters say actions by the former president are keeping illegals in this country that take jobs away from real Americans.
Again this has been proven to not be the truth, but as with this administration, they cling to this justification and proclaim it loudly across the airwaves to keep his base in a constant frenzy.
It becomes sadder as the days progress.
– Katie Zerr –