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KATIE ZERR: Dividing the ‘house’ helps keep the need for truth buried

Somehow the unthinkable has become a part of everyday reality.
Never could one imagine a headline reading “Porn star sues president for defamation of character,” as part of the daily news cycle.
Not on any other day besides April Fool’s Day. No matter how many days into this administration we move, there is always something that is surprising in the morning news.
“President says Kim Jong Un has been very honorable” is another headline that was eye-opening. It’s hard to fathom living in a world where truly honorable people are called liars and enemies of the U.S. and the North Korean dictator is called “very honorable.”
It makes one wonder how the wives and children of the people who were murdered by this regime feel when they hear such a thing.
Even when this president has a major accomplishment, such as the North Korean denuclearization talks, he has to go out in public and reiterate that he is a classless braggart who needs the vocal admiration of his fan base for justification.
If North Korea isn’t playing the free world once again, as is their modus operandi, Trump deserves credit for making it happen. He will also deserve criticism if he is taken for a ride by that country’s dictator. It has happened to other world leaders who were more versed in foreign matters, had more experienced foreign policy aids on their staffs and had less need to have their egos fed by admiring supporters.
The hope that this president could overcome his lack of experience and move into the role of the leader of the free world diminishes daily with the headlines that are splashed across news sites and newspapers each morning.
The campaign type rallies that he needs to feed his ego are a window into the reality character he is portraying for his fans.
If it is not an act to feed the frenzy, then those who question his motives should continue to push for answers to those questions.
Those of us who have been around for while have watched our country’s division become a gap of monumental proportion and are disturbed that politicians on the far right and far left are widening that gap with their words and actions.
The vilification of all immigrants, the factless comments tweeted and repeated at the president’s rallies, the constant harping and whining from the far left, all contribute to this division.
The television media’s need to keep the frenzy at a fevered pace shows in breaking news flashes that have those who are not on the far right or far left, shaking our heads in disbelief.
When some so–called expert makes a comment on a 24-hour news channel, some members of the media jump on it and make it a headline. This is one of the factors in why the divide keeps growing wider.
Just because some 24-hour news network producer pins an expert label on someone from the far right or far left, does not make them an expert. They are, most of the time, someone with an opinion. The problem is they are touted as someone who is reporting news.
The line between facts and opinions has become so blurred that one who doesn’t try to get information from all types of sources are easily convinced that what is on the television or on the news sites are facts.
There is a big difference in television personalities and journalists. Personalities don’t have to deal in facts and don’t have to have information to back their opinions. They need only their opinions.
Vilifying journalists because they dig deep into stories to find the truth has been the MO of some evil individuals in our history. We must remember our history and learn from other’s mistakes to preserve our republic.
Using sound bites, tweets with no factual base, and information received from T.V. personalities on which one bases an argument, are not the behaviors of a man who wants to be seen as a great leader. A great leader has leadership qualities. A huge ego with a bottomless need for glorification and justification are not the qualities of a leader of a free republic.
Power and money can corrupt. It is best that we remember this as we view what is happening in Washington right now.
Those who see the writing on wall and are not blinded by the money they can make or the personal agendas that are pushed, must continue to be vigilant in protecting this republic from the dangers of blurring the line between fact and fiction.
When speaking of the need for a nation free of slavery, President Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”
As long as there are those who care more for what the people in power can do for them than preservation of a nation, our house will remain divided.
As long as the truth is pushed aside and those who speak it are vilified, our house will remain divided.
When truth and character once again become important traits in our nation’s leadership, we can begin to bridge the gap and heal our nation.
– Katie Zerr –