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KATIE ZERR: Embracing age has been difficult

Facing 2019 is a daunting task for me. I guess I never really embraced 2018. It makes it just too real that I am aging and am rushing headlong into AARP eligibility.
I have my card, but have been a little hesitant about using it. To me it is sort of like admitting that age has quit creeping up on me and is now sitting squarely on my shoulders.
It’s not enough that my feet seem to grow wider each month or that my arthritic knees ache every day, but other signs of age are playing larger roles in my life.
When I first came back to Mobridge, there were still so many of the people that shaped my earlier life living in town.
Now many of those people are no longer with us and my generation is moving into the niche their loss has opened.
It is tough realizing I am now one of those of the older generation. When I mention I graduated high school in the 1970’s the widening of the eyes of today’s students tells me that seems like ancient times to them.
I made the decision last year to quit fighting the fact that I am now a member of the older generation and to embrace it. I have dropped the attitude that “I am not going to look like I am in my sixties,” to one of “I will wear this mantel with pride and honor.”
So instead of groaning every morning when the knees make moving slower and stretching is necessary to get going, I have shelved the cussing at my body and use encouraging words to motivate it.
Instead of bemoaning the fact that doing laundry on Sundays means multiple trips up and down the basement stairs, I count those trips as exercise and reward myself.
When I wake up with sore muscles from something I did the day before, instead of trying to figure out why the soreness, I applaud myself for doing something that caused those muscles to work a little harder.
Positivity is not my strong suit lately, but these little steps make me less obsessive about trying to hide my age and a bit more upbeat about today.
This new attitude about aging is reflected in my New Year’s resolution. Instead of the normal, I will work on being a better person or I will try to get more exercise and eat better, my resolution this year is a bit simpler.
In 2019, I will embrace who I am, work with what I have and live the best life that I am able.