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KATIE ZERR: Harassment will not stop until society changes

How do we teach men the difference between sexual harassment and having a little fun?
Harvey Weinstein, according to the hundreds of hours of news time he has dominated recently, is allegedly a slimy human being.
His actions towards women, including terrorizing and in several cases rape allegations, is one of the most reprehensible unraveling stories of the time.
It is not just a pat on the butt or suggestive banter. If what is being reported is proven, Weinstein is a predator who needs to spend time in a penitentiary as punishment for his crimes.
Weinstein’s actions were criminal as are some actions men take in everyday life without thinking about it. His systematic breakdown of women shows that he knew exactly what he was doing and how to get his way. He is the kind of man that should anger other men. He is that man that makes women dislike, distrust and disrespect the male of our species.
Some males will not understand how they can be lumped in with men like Weinstein. They will say it is grossly unfair to compare them to someone who systematically preyed on women who needed his expertise and power to make a living. They will say this guy is an anomaly and men are not all like that.
They are partially correct.
But from a female stand point there are plenty of men around with a little Harvey Weinstein in them. They just don’t see it or understand it.
There are males who step over that line time and time again because they can get away with it. They think it is funny to grab a little, drop not so subtle hints about what they would like to do to a female coworker or to someone they are sitting next to at the bar.
They think it is fine to make comments to a woman about her body or to tell them their butt looks great in those pants.
There is a great disconnect between what is acceptable to the male culture and what is acceptable in life.
No one should be subjected to being told on a regular basis that their worth is directly tied to the way they look or the their bra cup size.
There are millions of women in this country who have had breast augmentations because in our society, their worth to their jobs, their mates or their ability to attract male attention is measured by their cleavage.
Women’s clothing is styled to best show what God (and a surgeon) gave the wearer. Low cut, high cut and skin-tight is high fashion.
If a woman looks good in some of the most revealing of all styles, she is on top of the world. She is truly worth the time to show her on television to people who want to look. Her worth for television time is how silk rides upon her hips. She shows little girls that this is what gets them what they want out of life.
Large breasts have become the quickest means to an end for a lot of females.
How sad a social comment is it that females are willing to have surgery to put foreign objects in their bodies because it will help them meet unrealistic standards of what the males of the species want.
These are not just hopeful actresses or would be porn stars. Women in every walk of life are having surgery because society says we need have to substantial cleavage to make enough money to make a living or attract a mate.
It all starts with the little comments about a woman’s body. It all starts with a man in a position of power making off-handed remarks in the work place. It all starts when that little Harvey Weinstein in some men rears his ugly head and makes a woman feel like less of woman because her breasts aren’t high and pointy or she’s getting a little heavy in the trunk.
It happens all they time. It happens in every walk of life. It happens to mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.
Women in some parts of the country accept it as natural male behavior. We raise our boys to be masculine men whose sexual exploits are the measure of their maleness. If they are successful, they are looked up to.
This is why sexual harassment will not go away. We encourage young males to show they can conquer and to show their compadres who is the most successful of the group.
Some men learn that part of that success is to subtly browbeat women, through words and actions, into feeling the only measure of their worth is what they can offer to men.
They succeed in getting what they want through psychological means that they may not even understand, but it works.
It will continue because we are not changing the way we raise our boys.
Court, fines and jail time are not stopping this. Even the “Me Too” movement will not stop this.
It begins at home. It begins with mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.
It begins with understanding a little grab is more than just a little fun.
– Katie Zerr –