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KATIE ZERR: Is one man worth all the destruction?

Why has waking up it seems every other morning to hear about attacks on people in houses of worship or kids attending classes become common place? Why is it a normal news day when a multiple shooting is part of the headlines?
Why have the attacks on the Jewish community in the United States doubled in the past two years? Why are hate crimes increasing at an alarming rate in this country?
These are not off-the-cuff questions, but those based on statistics.
The FBI defines a mass shooting as an incident in which four or more people, not including the suspect, are killed. According to the 2018 report of mass shootings in the United States there were 20 incidents that fit into the FBI parameters of that classification.
Twenty times, someone killed more than four people at one time. But this statistic does not cover all of the mayhem seen in our country in the recent history.
There are hundreds of other deadly shootings that took place across the U.S. this year that don’t fit these conditions, including some that received national attention, like the shooting at a Maryland Rite Aid, or the shooting at a Chicago hospital. In both of those incidents, three victims were killed.
The vast majority, nearly every single one of these mass shootings, has been perpetrated by citizens of this country. Not illegal immigrants, who have been targeted by this administration of the perpetrators of all that is evil.
The majority these crimes were committed by American-born and raised males.
The number of hate crime incidents reported to the FBI increased about 17 percent in 2017 compared with the previous year, according to the agency’s annual Hate Crime Statistics report. The FBI report shows nearly 23 percent increase in religion-based hate crimes in 2017 and 37 percent spike in anti-Jewish hate crimes.
These are not made up statistics by some rogue agency. This is the crime report which for decades has been the bible of tracking crimes in this country.
Despite what is being said by the occupier of the White House, our FBI has been an agency that operates on one goal: to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.
Crimes that were based on hate for one reason or the other have also taken a dramatic upturn. One might make the connection of the constant pubic spewing of hate from the leader of this nation as part of the reason for this increase.
All one has to do is watch one of his so called political rallies to hear the contempt he has for certain groups, agencies, people of color and women. It is clearly evident in his ranting to his base.
Now our nation, besieged by constant chaos, hate and mass murder, needs to have leaders that understand the law, put nothing above protecting the Constitution and the people of this country. Loyalty to party or to one leader taking precedent over the people of this nation and our Constitution is sickening to say the least.
We have stood by and listened to one man degrade, disparage, demoralize and attempt to destroy the confidence in the federal law enforcement in order to save his hide and that of his family. Our Congress has sat by and watched this happen. Some members are even openly supporting his mission to destroy the credibility of the law.
Could it be his fear that it will be the law that takes him down? Is he setting a path to have certain segments of our nation fight for him when the law finally catches up to him?
This president has systematically stated falsehoods that his followers blindly believe, that have worsened the divide in this country and caused damage to people who have served their nation with honor for years.
This is not a man of great moral character or one that has shown great leadership. This is a man whose skills include deflection and deceit as his strongest points.
This president has fed the fears of his followers with lies that are easily and constantly debunked, but those who support him refuse to listen.
As we watch our elected leaders kowtow to this president, even support his lies and immoral acts, one can only hope the people of this nation are also watching closely.
As some of our elected officials publicly say, the constant lying, attempting to destroy the federal law enforcement community and dividing this country through fear and hate is acceptable in a president, one hopes we will remember.
Some of these are the very same members of Congress who impeached a sitting president for lying to Congress and a special prosecutor. Does this sound familiar?
This president refused to cooperate despite his constant claiming that he did. His written answers to the investigating team were filled with 30 claims of memory loss about certain incidents.
This from a man who repeatedly claimed he has the best memory of anyone. His words.
As we approach the 2020 election it is important to remember those who blindly supported this president, approved his unqualified cabinet members and judges and sat idly by while he attempted to destroy federal law enforcement.
– Katie Zerr –