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KATIE ZERR: It’s time to drop the political ‘bogeyman’

As an Independent voter I look at every candidate, their views on issues that are important to me and issues that are important to the people, the community and the state that I love.
My conservative friends and neighbors label me a liberal, but those people who decry my politics would be very surprised at my voting record.
As an Independent I vote for the candidate. I vote for the person I think meets all (or as much as possible of the above criteria) in each race. Some of the time that person is a Republican, some are Democrats.
I take the extra time to weigh issues and my personal experience with those candidates, before I make the decision who will get my vote.
It is becoming more important to all candidates to have the support of Independent voters. There are more and more Independents with each election cycle. These voters can swing an election.
If by some miracle I had the opportunity to sit down with candidates from both parties to give them a little insight into what Independent voters are thinking, I would tell them the hypocrisy of the national political parties is a big reason some voters leave.
Both Democratic and Republican parties condemn the other for certain actions that they have taken over and over again.
They hide behind the “bogeyman” triggers they know send their constituents into the corner, shaking with fear. That is what they want them to do. A scared citizen is one that clings to the party.
The most dangerous thing to the establishment is a person who thinks for themselves. They want us to continue to watch 24-hour news networks with a lean towards one party or the other and listen to their talking heads tell us how to vote, who to hate and what we should fear.
I would tell the Democratic candidates to quit beating the dead horse and move on from 2016. The future is the most important to us.
This does not mean to drop the Mueller investigation. We need to know just how much influence, or if there is any, on our government other countries are wielding.
It means, get over the results of that election. It is done, move forward.
For Republicans, I would tell them to quit hiding behind the Hilary/Obama specter they throw at their constituents ever chance they get.
It is an insult to those who are informed. We know what hand the Republicans played in sabotaging the success of Affordable Healthcare Act. We know each party is at fault for the failure to create a system in which the people of this country would have access to healthcare that would not cause them to have to choose between getting better or keeping their homes. Both parties are responsible and we are tired of the finger pointing and bogeyman.
I would tell the politicians to spend less time and money in their advertising to make their opponent look bad. Leave the disgusting side of politics in Washington and run on their merits, not on half-truths, innuendoes and outright lies.
I would tell them to be real people again and put people and country above party.