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KATIE ZERR: Moore’s actions are not those of a Christian

Is supporting a man for public office based on what he proclaims as his Christian beliefs, more important than his actions have proven?
Roy Moore, the Republican candidate from Alabama who is running for the U.S. Senate has said throughout his campaign that he will follow the Bible over the Constitution.
That is not a statement that disqualifies him from holding a federal office but it should raise concerns. Our Constitution is the law of this land. It is the framework of our law.
The Bible is held as a connection between God and Christians. It is to some, the basis of their faith and the handbook of their lives.
Moore said recently that his enemies “hate the fact that I talk about God, morality and decency in all of my speeches.”
That is the definition of hypocrisy. His enemies have nothing to do with this.
Roy Moore’s actions speak so much louder than his hollow words of Christianity.
There have been allegations from several women against Moore, claiming that he used his power as an assistant district attorney as a cover to sexually assault them.
One accuser said she was 14 at the time a 32 year-old Moore assaulted her.
Numerous people, including well-known and respected members of the Alabama community in which he served as assistant district attorney, have come forward to back the allegations women have made against Moore.
A retired police officer reported law enforcement was warned to keep Moore away from the cheerleaders after local high school football games. A retired security guard reported Moore was banned from a mall in the community because he was harassing the young teenage girls.
Many of Moore’s loyal followers have remained supportive of him despite multiple sexual assault allegations against him. Here is where this becomes a head-shaker. This is a man that has been accused of being a child molester and yet a recent poll found Evangelicals will still vote for him.
Why? Because Moore uses the role of Christian martyr as an advantage.
Refusing to remove a monument of the 10 Commandments from public grounds cost him a judge seat. Refusing to acknowledge same sex marriage despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling and directing probate judges to disregard the law got him suspended.
This has made him a type of cult hero among the evangelists.
Moore’s far-right views are his choice and his right given to him by law.
He does not have the right to force those views on others in the capacity of a U.S. Senator.
His stand that only God will reunite this country is ridiculous considering the percentage of Americans who are not Christians.
He denies science, claims Islam is not a religion and has said all law comes from God. “God is the only source of our law, liberty and government,” he said from the debate stage last week.
To live your life according to the teaching of your religion is admirable.
To hijack those beliefs to further a political agenda is not.
Moore’s actions speak much louder than his words. These women deserve to be listened to and these incidents reported, because these are allegations that are criminal.
His backers are comparing these allegations to those brought against Senator Al Franken of Minnesota. They are saying Democrats and those who support Franken yet speak out against Moore have a double standard.
The allegations against Franken are in a whole different realm than those against Moore. There is a great difference between the allegations against Franken and Moore.
The women who said Franken groped them during photo opps were adults at the time. His actions were inappropriate and should not be tolerated.
The allegations against Moore have been made by women who were children when they say he assaulted them. According to these women, an older man in a position of power forced himself on them when they were below the age of consent.
There is a difference, according to the law.
What is currently happening in this country is a backlash of years of women being treated not as equal human beings according to the law of the land, but as objects.
Many men in positions of power and prestige are now paying for their pervasive behavior against women. But for every Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Roger Ailes, and Matt Lauer, there are going to be the Al Frankens.
There are going to be men whose bad behavior will haunt them and over-ride the good they do. There are going to be those who are caught up in this storm that is sweeping the nation. Some allegations will be used to topple these men; others will be used as a lesson for others. Some of these men deserve to lose the position that gave them the opportunity to prey on women.
But actions against children should never be forgiven. Roy Moore preyed on pre-teen and young teenage girls. There is the difference.
That is not Christian behavior no matter how his supporters try to spin it.
– Katie Zerr –