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KATIE ZERR: Santa, can we turn back the clock a couple of years?

It is the time of the year when, like the children, I send my Christmas wishes to Santa.
This year, my list was so long it would have over-whelmed the “Jolly Ole Elf” so I worked to pare it down a bit.
As I pondered my list one wish kept popping into my head.
Santa, could we turn back the clock a couple of years or so?
That would take care of some of the major wishes on my list.
To be able to have “do overs” on some choices made several years ago, I could check a good portion of my wish list off with one fell swoop.
For the people of Mobridge and our surrounding community, if we were able to go back a couple of years and realized what was happening at our care center, we may have had a chance to change the outcome. The families impacted by heartless corporations that put greed above all and ran this center into a situation that is now irreversible would be having a brighter Christmas this year.
If we could go back and change this, I believe it would be at the top of the list for a lot of people in our community.
Instead my wish is that all of the people impacted find solutions to issues the center’s closing forces on our families, friends and neighbors.
(The little devil in me wishes a pox on those corporate clowns that caused this issue in the first place!)
If we could go back in time several years, I would bet a majority of the voters in this nation would make changes to their ballots. I think both Democrats and Republicans would change the way they voted in primaries to give this country a better choice in the leadership we have now.
If we had a chance to do it over again, my bet is that two other candidates would have emerged to face each other in the race for president.
It is too bad we could not have had a glimpse into the future. That might have had a huge impact on how we made our choices.
If we could turn the clock back a couple of years, maybe we would have chosen leaders to our Congress that would have the cajones to stand up to the corporate and organization lobbyists and do what is right for our country. Maybe if we could have seen what our elected officials would do with issues of national safety we would have voted for those who put our citizens above their pockets and fight for our freedom and safety instead of turning a blind eye.
We may have voted for someone who would battle big pharma and put the brakes on the lies about opioid safety. We might have had a Congress that would have paid attention to whistle blowers that warned the situation was on the verge of exploding and causing a national crisis.
We just might have raised enough of a stink that we could have reversed this terrible crisis that leaves families shattered, lives in danger every minute of every day and put handcuffs on those who put money of above all else in this crisis.
The sad truth is that it could have been averted if we had paid attention instead of letting the drug company’s have free rein to distribute opioids like candy on Halloween.
If we could go back a couple of years, maybe we would have put our personal safety above the ease and convenience of technology and would have had less personal crisis in our lives.
There are people who have had their lives shattered by identity thieves and financial ruin because we just didn’t know we were putting ourselves in these situations. We didn’t know those we thought we could trust could sell our information. We didn’t know that putting our lives in cyberspace could cause these problems.
Would some of us stem our addiction to the ease of online and social media to protect our financial and our well-being?
Hopefully we would.
I think that if we would have “do overs” Santa, most of us would make better choices. Most of us would think through what we did in the past several years that changed the course of our history.
Most of us, I believe, would have put family and country first in our decisions.
But since we can’t turn back the clock, Santa, how about giving a huge dose of common sense and statesmanship to those who work in Washington?
That might just save that ship from striking an iceberg!
Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!
– Katie Zerr –