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KATIE ZERR: Three Christmas wishes for a less tumultuous 2018

To say that 2017 was a tumultuous year is a gross understatement.
Mass shootings, protests, investigations, women are fighting back against sexual misconduct, wildfires and massive hurricanes were all headline news in 2017.
Political unrest in the United States and in other parts of the world has been in the limelight. Many people fight against the wrongs they feel are being perpetrated by governments, religious groups, white separatists and law enforcement.
It has been a year many don’t want to see repeated.
Someone asked me what I would wish for Christmas this year and I honestly answered world peace. The prospect of going to war against a nation that would without hesitation launch nuclear weapons into our country or that of our allies is a frightening thought.
Some in our country say it is about time that we quit kissing the behinds of certain nations. I often think that is such a limited view of the world’s political environment.
Just because we are militarily superior and would easily defeat that nation is it worth dealing the aftermath of a nuclear launch?
Keeping North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un in line has been as tough a task as was keeping his father, Kim Jong-il under control. The difference is Jong-un hass proved he is mentally unbalanced and willing to sacrifice his people to make a point, even briefly.
Even his friend Dennis Rodman said the North Korean dictator might be mentally unstable.
So is rattling the saber, even though it is larger and more powerful than that of our advisory, really a good move?
My wish would be for the leaders of our world to find a way to put down the threatening regime without the U.S. pulling out the big guns.
That would be the top of my wish list.
My second wish would be for people to realize that every human being deserves the right to believe and those who trample that right in the name of their beliefs would see the light.
I wish people would see that just because one religion thinks it is superior to all others, does not make it so.
Those who want all people to follow Sharif law are wrong. Those who believe that all should be forced to live under Christianity are wrong. Those who believe that all should be forced to adhere to the ancient interpretation of stories and writings of men, not the great deity, are wrong.
The human race must become more tolerant of those who are different.
Just because someone has different beliefs, whether it is religious or political does not mean they are trying to squash those who have other ideals.
Tolerance from all sides of the political spectrum must be used or the divide that afflicts the people of this country will widen.
Living ones life according to the principles of good and treating others as we want them to treat us should be our guiding light.
Those whose intent is to destroy a religion or its people are evil and must be stopped, but lumping all people under that umbrella because of religion is ludicrous and only exacerbates the problems.
My third and final wish would be that those of us standing on one side or the other of the dividing political line in this country come to the realization that reaching across that line in the name of helping all is the right thing to do. Whether it is politicians or our neighbors, we must lift each other up rather than try to push one another down because of our differences. Whether it is economical, social, educational or religious, a person in need is a person in need.
We are taught as children to love one another, to be helpful and respectful. It is not until we get a little older that we are taught to hate and distrust.
We are doing the children of our country a great disservice by teaching them that those who are different are the targets for hate and distrust.
We have crossed the cautionary line and opened their minds to bullying and aggressive behavior to remedy what we adults teach them is a power imbalance.
We are teaching children that those who are different need to be trampled down. It is our words that teach children that belief.
So my wish is that we engage our brains before we engage our mouths.
I wish that we opened our minds to see though they are different most people of the world are not evil. Their mission is not to kill and maim, but just to live in peace.
My Christmas wish is that we strive to live in peace, tolerance and understanding in the New Year.