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KATIE ZERR Where will ‘other’ voters turn in 2010?

Are the two ruling parties in the United States too damaged to attract Independents and non-party affiliated voters?
With an important election coming up and more Americans opting against affiliating themselves with one party or the other, could we be seeing the birth of changing politics?
It would be something that will take time, but with the state of the political parties at this time, we may see Americans jumping ship for “other” political ideologies.
For instance, where do Democrats who see parts of the New Green Deal as totally out of bounds turn if the party follows the young member’s lead?
Where do Republicans who disagree with the current parties policy of backing a president, no matter how terrible his foreign and domestic policies are, turn for the upcoming election?
Contrary to what is said on the 24/7 news networks, not all Democrats believe in what the younger, more liberal members of the party are espousing and not all Republicans back this president whose greatest motivation is getting revenge on those who don’t treat him like the king he thinks he is.
Where do Independent voters turn when the best choices in the Democrat party are either young and naively liberal or old and out of touch?
The Democrats have a lot of choices but one can only cringe at the thought of what will happen if these candidates crawl down to the level that the 2016 Republican campaign hit.
Will there be the constant lies, name calling and bullying that occurred with Republicans in 2016 as candidates try to knock one another out of the race?
Will that type of campaign help to “weed out the weak” candidates? Will it be the last candidate standing as it was in 2016?
One can only hope there will be more policy discussion and less of the childish behavior in the huge field of candidates.
Republicans who are sickened by what is happening in the White House and are disappointed in their Congressional leaders who refuse to admit this president is a disaster, have little choice in 2020.
There are those Republicans out there. There are conservatives who see what is happening and who are alarmed by the lack of leadership from sitting members of Congress. There are conservative Republicans who think our president is not the man for this job. Who will represent them in 2020?
Congress is so broken it cannot legislate. Its leaders are so afraid of being called out by a childish, bullying man in the White House it has allowed the partisan, tribal nature of our government to paralyze this country.
For both Democrats and Republicans, big money rules our Congress.
For Republicans, their policies are ruled by a game-player who is focused on getting revenge and wiping out the legacy of the former president.
They have made obstruction a science. When they had complete control of Congress for two years, they still failed to lead and legislate.
That has to be alarming to some in their party.
For Democrats, their focus now is ensuring the sitting president does not have a second chance at the White House. Their glee in going after this president is playing into the hands of the administration.
For some it is seen as a chance to save our country. For many others it is nothing more than politics as usual. When the focus is on something other than legislating, the problems the Democrats have been harping about for years are not getting fixed.
While they concentrate on fighting with the playground bully, healthcare is not getting fixed.
While they subpoena, demand and fight in the courts, more of the problems that plague our country will not get resolved. There will be no action on healthcare, climate change, affordable education and voters’ rights.
Nothing will be done to protect our nation from outside interference in our elections, on cyber security or repairing our reputation on the world stage. No changes will be made that will fix our immigration problems and no positive discussion will occur on real issues that impact our nation.
Is it important to fight against the wrongs that have occurred in this administration?
Yes, but not to the point where nothing gets done.
Where do the people stand in this equation? Where do we turn when a broken Congress and unlawful administration are in power?
Where do we, the voters of this nation, turn when there are no candidates that we feel have the qualities we need to lead us out of this mess?
Who will the “others” turn to?
Independents are going to play a huge role in who is elected to be our next president and in Congress. They did in 2016. Some made certain choices because they wanted to get away from the status quo and are now regretting it.
We can only hope that issues and policies will be the focus of the next election. It is the only way we can fix our Congress, our White House and our country.
– Katie Zerr –