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Keller kids use piggy banks to help others

Matson Keller knew exactly what he was going to do with his piggy bank that contained loose change from around the house and his allowance. It wasn’t until the right opportunity arose, when he went through with it.
It all began at the Dacotah Bank drive-through, where Matson and his siblings, Claire and Carson, saw a donation box for backpacks. The trio of kids begged their mother, Kylie Keller, to bring their change so they could donate to it.
The next time they went to Dacotah Bank, the box was down.
After a while, a different opportunity arose for the Keller children to make a difference for someone they knew.
Kylie grew up in Trail City with the Keller’s and attends the same church as they do, Saint Joseph Catholic Church.
“I watched Abby grow up,” Kylie said in a phone interview. “And, the kids know her from around the congregation.”
The three Keller kids, Matson, Claire and Carson, decided that they would donate their piggy banks to the Dacotah Bank fund set up for Abby.
Matson, the ringleader, and his younger siblings worked feverishly around the house to find much needed change.
“The six-year old, Claire, had a stash of piggy banks that she was hiding that we found,” Kylie said. “They used their piggy banks that they had since they were tiny, they took mom and dad’s loose change, they found change and they used money that they earned from chores.”
Kylie and her family had a bit of a medical situation on their own hands this past year, as Claire was at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
“I think the knowledge of learning at a young age that sometimes you need to doctor and that can be taxing,” Kylie said, “whether it’s emotionally or financially, helped the kids understand.”
All in all, the children managed to scrape together around $275 for their donation to the Abby Keller Fund and were extremely pleased with their efforts.
“Between the three of them, they have been saving for six to eight years,” Kylie said. “They had half of a shoebox and they were really excited about that.
It doesn’t stop there for Matson Keller, who is still searching for different ways to help people who are in need.
“I think for him, it really sparked something in him and it will bring more opportunities,” Kylie said. “It’s great to know that they are thinking of someone other than themselves, its what you hope for from your kids,”
The benefit for Abby Keller will be at the Moose Lodge on Saturday, July 28. Both a live and a silent auction will take place at the event. Baked goods, gift certificates, massages, wall décor and fishing trips are some of the items up for auction. Spaghetti and salad will be served. An account has been set up with Dacotah Bank, which will help with the treatment expenses put on the family.
“Hopefully, there’s a really good turnout on Saturday,” Kylie said. “I think every little bit helps.”